Branson VSOP 50 Cent Cognac

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Eye: Bright gold with bronze flashes.

Nose: Elegant and smooth nose, with notes of white melon, ripened peach. tobacco leaves warming cinnamon and cloves.

Palate: The palate brings a hint of vanilla, licorice and dried fruit into the notes from the first nose, and the finish is neverending. There’s almost no burn, and it becomes clear that this is a very fine Grande Champagne Cognac indeed.


50 Cent VSOP Cognac Branson - LeCheminduRoi

After waiting with baited breath, the Cognac of the year is finally here. 50 Cent has collaborated with family-run producer, Raymond Ragnaud, to bring the Branson Cognac VSOP. This Cognac is a true expression of the power of the Grande Champagne - a sublime Cognac from a hip hop legend.

Blended expertly by 5th generation Cognac makers located in the prestigious Grande Champagne growing area, the American rapper’s début Cognac has been aged between 4 and 7 years in oak barrels; some of which are over 50 years in age.

It is made solely with grapes grown in the Premier Cru itself, known for its light, floral eaux-de-vie with an elegant quality and finish. Raymond Ragnaud are masters of Grande Champagne Cognac, and it’s no wonder that 50 Cent has selected them in the making of this long-awaited drink.

The Branson VSOP has been distilled in an original Charentais pot still dating back to the 1800s, and finally aged in Sessile oak casks to import even more finesse to the liquid within. We wouldn’t expect anything less from one of the biggest rappers in the game.

‘Fiddy’ has certainly had us all on tenterhooks for the past year or so. When news dropped about his up and coming Cognac, the internet exploded with hashtags ‘bransoncognac’ and ‘lecheminduroi’. We weren’t exactly sure what Le Chemin du Roi was alluding to, but translating to English, it was “The Path of the King”. What kingly plans did 50 Cent have in store?

Now, it’s no secret that 50 Cent is a fan of precious spirits. Previously, he’s rapped about ‘a lil drop of Hennessy’, and now he’s producing his own.

Now that the Branson Cognac has been revealed, it’s no wonder that it has been under wraps for so long. 50 Cent has revealed a line of stunning Cognacs, made by one of the finest family producers in the French region.

Presentation of the Branson VSOP decanter

A tall, eye-catching decanter with a slim neck and a round body. The stopper is gold, with Branson Cognac etched in gold on the side of the bottle. We can certainly imagine it appearing in 50 Cent’s next music video.

Serving Suggestions

Sip this luxurious drink slowly. It can be enjoyed neat, in a snifter glass, or as a long drink or in a cocktail.

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