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Vaudon VS Fins Bois Cognac 01

Vaudon VS Fins Bois Cognac

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Growth area
Fins Bois

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Vaudon Cognac

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Eye: Soft amber tone.

Nose: A refreshing bouquet of fruit notes, like pear and apricot.

Palate: An interesting palate of fresh berries sustained with an important vanilla ambiance. The attack is supple and delicate, with a marriage between a white fruit basket and slight notes of licorice.

Growth area & soil: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


Vaudon VS Fins Bois Cognac

A beautiful marriage of berries and vanilla ambiance, the Vaudon VS is a well-known signature from the fine Fins Bois region. Produced with 100% Ugni Blanc grape, it’s a sublime selection of excellent eaux-de-vie. Processed with double distillation and aged in Limousin new oak barrels for 2 to 3 years, it’s a brilliantly crafted Cognac. Supple and delicate, with an enticing depth it’s a fine choice to add to your cabinet.

Produced by a Cognac house dating back to 1771, Vaudon boasts impressive history and heritage. With many of today’s vineyards planted in the 20th century, Anne-Marie Vaudon and Pierre Vaudon are the custodians of this history and know-how. It is thanks to this passing down of age-old techniques and processing that truly exceptional Cognac’ are brought to life. No exception to that, this VS is a wonderful example of the excellence the Fins Bois region has to offer.

Presentation of the bottle

An understated display for a true statement of a Cognac. The light sepia tones, swirl type and minimalist detail nod to the tradition behind this creation with an undeniable charm. Red, gold and black offer a great sense of heritage and suit a Cognac cabinet effortlessly. A wonderfully simple representation of a delicate selection.

How to enjoy

As a VS, this is a versatile Cognac to enjoy. Try it neat, or add a dash of water inviting its fruity aroma to the surface. It also lends well to being mixed into a longer drink or added to your favorite cocktail.

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About Vaudon Cognac

The Vaudon grounds are composed of 60 hectares with the main estate being located in Fins Bois, the largest of all the Cognac growth regions. Vaudon produces both single cru Fins Bois Cognacs and ‘multicru’ blends of these with the neighbouring Grande Champagne.

Pierre Vaudon, Maître de Chai and also owner of Maison Francois Voyer, is responsible for the Vaudon family estate. The family’s distilling origins can be traced back as far as 1771, and they have always produced outstanding Cognacs, even winning a gold medal for their 1811 vintage Cognac in 1913.

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