Selection Francois Peyrot VS Cognac

Francois Peyrot Cognac

Francois Peyrot Selection Cognac is a young, vibrant, VS quality cognac from this artisan, family run cognac house.  It's a blend of pure Grande Champagne eaux-de-vies that are tended from the very beginning without the use of any chemicals whatsoever - so you can be sure that you're purchasing a truly eco-friendly cognac here.

On the eye it pleases with its bright, honeyed tones - it's a great choice to enjoy either neat, with a little ice or water, or perhaps combined with your favorite mixer to create a long drink for a hot day.

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Grande Champagne
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Covering a vineyard of 25 hectares, the cognac estate “Logis des Bergeronnettes” in Jarnac, Charente, is entirely composed of Premier Cru Grande Champagne. This family run estate, Cognac Francois Peyrot S.A.R.L.,  has a history dating back over four generations and has grown in size from its modest seven hectare beginnings. Producing wine and cognac in traditional ways, the estate tends their vines in the most natural of ways. Today, they refuse any use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to produce their cognac in harmony with the environment.

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Selection Francois Peyrot VS

Selection Francois Peyrot VS

No tasting notes available.

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