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Vaudon Fine Rare Fins Bois Old Cask Matured Cognac

Vaudon Fine Rare Fins Bois Old Cask Matured Cognac

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Fins Bois

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Vaudon Cognac

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Eye: Captivating amber hue, shimmering with clarity and warmth.

Nose: A delightful array of floral and fruity aromas, featuring delicate jasmine and ripe banana.

Palate: The initial taste is soft and silky, with prominent notes of pear that linger gracefully.

Finish: Leaves a lasting impression of cleanliness and elegance, with a gentle reminder of the pear's freshness persisting minutes after each sip.

Growth area & soil: Fins Bois

Fins Bois

Fins Bois


Vaudon Fine Rare Fins Bois Old Cask Matured Cognac

Step into the exquisite world of Vaudon Fins Bois Fine Rare Cognac, where tradition meets elegance in a bottle. This Cognac is a brilliant showcase of the Fins Bois region's terroir, known for producing spirits that are both vibrant and delicate. At 43° and available in 70cl bottles, Vaudon has crafted a Cognac that balances a floral subtlety with fruit-forward complexity, appealing to both seasoned aficionados and newcomers alike.

Distilled from grapes grown in the fertile soils of the Fins Bois area, this Cognac is aged to perfection in old barrels, allowing its delicate notes of jasmine and banana to meld beautifully with the robust essence of pear. The result is a sip that is as intriguing as it is satisfying, a true testament to the Vaudon family's commitment to excellence.

Presentation of the Bottle

The Vaudon Fins Bois Fine Rare Cognac is presented in a sleek, elegant bottle that speaks volumes of its contents. The clear glass showcases the rich amber color of the Cognac, inviting admiration before the cork is even popped. The label is tastefully understated, ensuring that all focus remains on the exceptional spirit within. This bottle is not only a treasure for the palate but also a visual delight, making it an ideal candidate for a prestigious spot in any Cognac lover’s collection or as a thoughtful gift.

How to Drink

To fully experience the depth and purity of the Vaudon Fins Bois Fine Rare Cognac, it is best enjoyed neat or with just a splash of water. This allows the delicate floral and fruit nuances to fully express themselves, providing a tasting experience that is both profound and delightful. Whether as a sophisticated after-dinner drink or a special toast, this Cognac ensures a memorable moment, each time the bottle is opened.

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About Vaudon Cognac

The Vaudon grounds are composed of 60 hectares with the main estate being located in Fins Bois, the largest of all the Cognac growth regions. Vaudon produces both single cru Fins Bois Cognacs and ‘multicru’ blends of these with the neighbouring Grande Champagne.

Pierre Vaudon, Maître de Chai and also owner of Maison Francois Voyer, is responsible for the Vaudon family estate. The family’s distilling origins can be traced back as far as 1771, and they have always produced outstanding Cognacs, even winning a gold medal for their 1811 vintage Cognac in 1913.

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