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Grateaud Brut de Fût Borderies N°35 Cognac 01

Grateaud Brut de Fût Borderies N°35 Cognac

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Grateaud Cognac

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Nose: The aroma showcases an alliance between fruit and floral notes, with the succulence of peaches leading the way. There's a refreshing twist of eucalyptus and menthol, which adds a bright, invigorating layer - powerful and warmly cooling. Underneath, the darker, richer scents of honeys and muscat grapes weave in, complemented by the sweet, concentrated aroma of dried raisins in syrup. A sprinkle of cinnamon enhances the complexity, while the fresh scents of ripe apples and pears round out the bouquet. A subtle hint of tobacco adds depth, introducing an earthy, rich dimension.

Palate: On the palate, this spirit is a delightful mix of flavors. The sweet juiciness of peaches and Muscat grapes is beautifully balanced with the orchard fruit notes. The warmth of cinnamon and the unique taste of tobacco contribute to the complexity. The darker, richer honeys meld with the syrupy sweetness of the dried raisins, creating a lush, full-bodied experience. Present tannins add structure, giving the spirit a slightly robust edge, while the cooling sensations of eucalyptus and menthol provide a refreshing counterbalance.

Finish: The finish introduces a slight bitter note, an intriguing contrast to the sweetness and richness that precede it. This bitterness, coupled with the lingering flavors of fruit, floral, and the refreshing menthol, creates a complex and memorable end.

Growth area & soil: Borderies




The Grateaud Brut de Fût N°35 Cognac stands as a testament to the innovative spirit and dedication of the Grateaud family, particularly David Grateaud, who is something of a pioneer within the cognac community. This exquisite 35-year-old cognac, hailing from the prestigious Borderies growth area, encapsulates the essence of artisanal craftsmanship and the rich heritage of cognac production that has been passed down through generations of the Grateaud lineage. Distinctively bottled at natural cask strength, 57.9% ABV, it offers an unadulterated expression of its origin, reflecting a bold commitment to authenticity and quality.

Presentation of the Cognac

Elegantly housed in a classy and stylish bottle, the Grateaud Brut de Fût N°35 defines the Grateaud family's approach to Cognac production. The bottle's crafty, low-cost label proudly asserts the small producer's values, focusing on the integrity and character of the cognac over commercial branding. This presentation not only signifies the cognac's exceptional quality but also honors the artisanal roots and proud heritage of the Grateaud estate.

Pioneering Spirit

Interestingly, David Grateaud's foray into bottling Brut de Fût Cognac in 2014 marked a significant milestone in the region's cognac production history. By choosing to bottle the cognac directly from the cask, without any reduction, David introduced a novel approach at a time when such practices were virtually unheard of in the region. This innovative step positioned him as a true pioneer, leading the way in offering cognac aficionados the opportunity to experience the spirit in its most pure and powerful form. This bold move has contributed significantly to the distinctiveness and allure of the Grateaud Brut de Fût offerings, setting a new standard for quality and authenticity in cognac production.

How to Drink

To fully engage with the rich complexity and robust character of the Grateaud Brut de Fût N°35, it is recommended to savor it in a tulip glass. This approach allows the intricate bouquet and deep, evolving flavors to be appreciated to their fullest, enhanced by the cognac's natural cask strength. As the spirit gently unfolds, it reveals the layered nuances of a 35-year maturation process, characterized by the unique terroir of the Borderies region. Each sip offers a journey through time, celebrating the legacy of the Grateaud family's craftsmanship and the pioneering spirit that continues to define their contribution to the world of cognac.

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