Paul Beau Cognac

Paul Beau Cognac

With a history dating back to the 19th century, the house of Paul Beau Cognac boasts over 100 hectares of prime Grande Champagne vineyards. As with so many of the smaller family run concerns, Beau cognac started by selling all of their eaux-de-vie to the big cognac houses. However, after the business was handed down from the founder to his son, changes were put in place to commence selling some of their wares under their own label, and the brand ‘Paul Beau’ was born.

Visit Paul Beau: 18, rue Millardet ,16130 Segonzac ,+33 (0)545834018 ,Visits all year around. Contact the estate for details. Other products by Paul Beau: Pineau des Charentes


History of Paul Beau Cognac

At the end of the 1800s, Samuel Beau began to work the vineyards surrounding his Segonzac estate. Located in the most sought after of all the terroirs – Grande Champagne – Samuel tended and developed the vines, as well as building the cellars, distillery and other buildings that are still in use today.

When Samuel died in 1914, the cognac house passed to his son, Paul Beau. Paul was married to Denise, a lady with great knowledge of wine production having been born into a family of wine growers. Together, Paul and Denise planted more vines, enlarging it to a little over 100 hectares in size. Over the years they also modernized the buildings and distillery, whilst keeping the traditional alembic stills to ensure the age old quality of their produce.

In 1977 the decision was made to keep some of their cognac back from sale to the larger houses, with the idea to bottle and sell directly under their own label – and the Paul Beau brand name was created.

Cognac Paul Beau Today

Today Cognac Paul Beau can be found around the globe. Concentrating on producing older qualities (the youngest available is a VSOP), this artisan brand has been extremely well received by consumers and experts in the cognac field. Since the beginning of the millenium, Paul Beau cognacs have won various awards from some of the most prestigious of competitions.

In keeping with tradition, all stages of cognac production continue to be carried out on the premises – from cultivating the vines right through to bottling and aging.

News, Products and Prices

The artisan cognacs of Paul Beau range from a VSOP upwards. The Paul Beau Hors d’Age Cognac won the gold medal in both the 2008 and 2010 Concours Generale Agricole de Paris, and was awarded the silver medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in 2001.

Paul Beau cognacs range upwards in price from around €38 euros for a bottle of Paul Beau VSOP Cognac to around €100 euros per bottle for the rare Paul Beau Borderies Extra Vieilles.

In 2010, Cognac Paul Beau received the Excellence Prize at the Paris Agriculture Show, a reward or their outstanding quality of production. In 2012, they were given the Excellence Prize at the Concours Generale Agricole in Paris for the same achievement. 

The Cognac Paul Beau Hors d’Age received six gold medals, two silver medals und one bronze medal at the Concours Generale Agricole in Paris in 2012.

Visit Paul Beau Cognac

Paul Beau Cognac welcomes visitors to their estate and visitors will be shown around the vineyards, cellars and distillery. Opening hours are unknown, so we suggest you contact the house before planning your visit.

Visit the website of Paul Beau Cognac

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