Guillon Painturaud Cognac

Guillon Painturaud Cognac

The Cognac house of Guillon-Painturaud has a history that can be traced back to the early seventeenth century, and covers 18 hectares of prime Premier Cru terrain.

A Cognac and Pineau des Charentes producer with roots dating back to the 17th century. Nestled in Segonzac's heart, this brand melds traditional craftsmanship with modern innovation, overseen today by the dynamic sisters duo, Élise and Mathilde. All of the process of Cognac production is carried out at the estate, from the tending of the land and growing the fruits, through the distillation, aging, blending, and bottling.

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With 19 hectares nestled in the heart of Cognac country, Guillon Painturaud stands as a beacon of craftsmanship in the world of Cognac and Pineau des Charentes. Each sip unfolds a tale; every bottle encapsulates centuries of dedication. This is not merely a brand, but a testament to heritage, innovation, and the art of fine spirit creation.

History of Cognac Guillon Painturaud

The Guillon Painturaud legacy traces its beginnings to the picturesque village of Biard in Segonzac. The family, originally weavers in 1610, heard the siren song of the vineyards, turning their hands from threads to vines. Yet, their embrace of the vine was not without challenges. The vineyard faced adversity during the Phylloxera crisis of the late 19th century. But with tenacity emblematic of their spirit, the family endured and even expanded their wine production for Cognac, a testament to their unyielding resilience.

The family's saga took a turn in 1964 when Jean-Pierre Guillon joined his legacy with Mme Painturaud, birthing the Guillon-Painturaud brand. By 1975, they began commercializing their Pineau des Charentes, kindling a passionate relationship with this quality product. In the narrative of this brand, certain elements stand as milestones: the traditional Charentais still, crafted in 1914, an eloquent copper symbol of their commitment to quality. By 1994, their daughter, Line Guillon, stepped forward, carrying forward their torch before passing it to the next generation.

Guillon Painturaud Cognac Today

In the modern era, the Guillon Painturaud name thrives under the visionary guidance of two sisters, Élise and Mathilde. While Élise, an agronomist engineer, oversees the heart of production as the cellar master, Mathilde's commercial acumen, honed by international exposure, drives the brand's outreach.

Their collaborative spirit echoes in their commitment to sustainable, traditional production. As Independent Winegrowers, they reaffirm their dedication at every step, from honoring the terroir to the final bottling. This dedication culminated in the 2014 High Environmental Value (HVE) label, spotlighting their eco-conscious ethos.

Central to their craft is the revered Charentais still. This age-old process, utilizing a distinctive copper pot over an open flame, captures the essence of Cognac. Lasting roughly 24 hours, this meticulous distillation emphasizes quality over quantity, ensuring only the most aromatic components infuse the eau de vie.

But Guillon Painturaud is not one to rest on its laurels. Bridging their storied past with the pulse of the present, they launched Charente's first Escape Game in 2018, harmonizing their deep-rooted Cognac heritage with the beat of modern entertainment.

At its core, Guillon Painturaud is a narrative of two worlds – the time-honored traditions upheld by visionary women and the modernity they embrace. In this ever-evolving spirits industry, they remain a touchstone, harmonizing time-tested techniques with contemporary flair.

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