Jacques Denis Tres Vielle Grande Champagne Cognac

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Jacques Denis Cognac

The Jacques Denis Tres Vielle Grande Champagne cognac is one of the oldest cognacs produced by this artisan house.  Bottled in 1996, the eaux-de-vie that has gone into creating this exquisite delight was harvested over half a century ago.  The long aging process has created a cognac of subtle complexity, and one that's sure to delight the connoisseur.

Presented in a simple, traditionally shaped cognac bottle within a wooden presentation case, the cognac teases every one of the senses.  First on the eye it delights with its golden mahogany brown tones.  The aromas on the nose begin the journey that continues on the palate.  The finish is satisfyingly long, and truly embodies everything that a Grande Champagne grown cognac should be.  It's not known as the premier cru without reason...

Truly a great cognac, and one to bring out on those super special occasions.

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Grande Champagne
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Tasting review by Jacques Denis:  A range of complex woody and fruity flavors - wood vanilla.  Intense and elegeant, this congac has a long and unique finish.

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Jacques Denis Tres Vielle Grande Champagne

Jacques Denis Tres Vielle Grande Champagne

Tasting review by Jacques Denis:  A range of complex woody and fruity flavors - wood vanilla.  Intense and elegeant, this congac has a long and unique finish.

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