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IWFS meets Vallein Tercinier

Vallein Tercinier meets IWFS

Vallein Tercinier meets IWFS





Tasting Note

Nose: The aroma presents itself with nuances of almond and damp forest floor. Floral notes - lavender and lilac - weave through the profile. The scent of fresh and candied fruit such as sweet citrus, yellow peach, and quince paste comes through strongly. A hint of caramel lingers in the background, contributing to the Cognac’s complexity.

Palate: Upon tasting, the first note that hits the palate is a velvety, rich chocolate flavor, immediately followed by spices and juicy burst of fruits: mandarin orange, tinned peach, and quince paste. A refreshing citrusy undertone, reminiscent of lemon, rounds off the experience and elevates the entire flavor profile.

Finish: Medium-long. Good intensity on the predominantly fruit flavors. Devoid of any aggressivity. Mouth-watering.

ABV: 45%

Growth Area: Fins Bois & Grande Champagne

Bottle size: 70 cl

Cognac Age: 30-40 years

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Trilogie Vol.2 Cognac is a blend of three different eaux-de-vie (Often we say the final blend is a Cognac but the individual components are each eau-de-vie, French for water of life).

  • Fins Bois: 35-40 years old, natural 50% abv, 21.4% of the blend, vines in Chermignac in close proximity to domaine
  • Fins Bois: 1994 (29 years), natural 52% abv, 64.3% of the blend, vines in Chermignac in close proximity to domaine
  • Grande Champagne: 1980s, natural 48% abv, 14.3% of the blend

The selection process for Trilogie Vol. 2 was a natural evolution from last year’s Cognac edition. The first Trilogie edition, produced in collaboration with Cognac Prunier, served as a valuable point of reference when making this year’s selection. Trilogie Vol. 2 is to be of the same high quality and maturity but to also possess a different aromatic and flavor profile. The Prunier edition was a warming, rich, and sensual Cognac with a complex balance of candied fruit, spice, tobacco, and rancio. For this second edition, Trilogie Vol. 2, the goal was to let the fruit shine.

The first produced sample was a blend of the above two Fins Bois eaux-de-vie. The fruit was indeed in full force, but the Cognac’s length could be improved. Fins Bois Cognacs tend to age quicker relative to Cognacs from the Petite and Grande Champagne crus. In other words, a little structure was missing which would give the Cognac more of a spine, whilst also improving the length but leaving the fruit perfectly intact. For this reason Vallein Tercinier’s cellar master took this feedback and proceeded to add a measured amount of a Grande Champagne eau-de-vie to the original base of two Fins Bois eaux-de-vie. 14.3% of the final blend is a Grande Champagne eau-de-vie distilled in the 1980s, still aging in barrel today. The Fins Bois gives the fruit; the Grande Champagne contributes structure and refinement.

What’s in bottle promises to be a Cognac of elegance, purity of fruit, and complex mature notes which counterbalance the immense fruit.

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Vallein Tercinier History

Vallein Tercinier, an artisanal familial Cognac house located in Chermignac, France, has a rich history that dates back to 1791 when Louis Vallein established the distillery. This family-run operation, which began with Louis and continued with Georges Vallein who started selling bottled Cognac in 1850, has weathered many challenges over the centuries, including the German occupation during World War II. Despite these hardships, the Vallein Tercinier family persevered, preserving their craft and maintaining operations.

After the war, the family focused on distilling for other notable brands like Courvoisier and Rémy-Martin from the 1960s to the 1980s. They also managed the bottling for Camille Dupuis, the original brand before the establishment of Vallein Tercinier. The tenacity of Catherine Vallein's grandfather and father propelled the business forward, allowing for expansion and diversification. In the 1980s, a key transition occurred as the company shifted from Camille Dupuis to Vallein Tercinier, with a focus on crafting their own line of distinctive Cognacs.

Over the past decade, the brand has significantly evolved under the leadership of Catherine, the current head. Collaborating with Pascal Baijot, a renowned connoisseur, they began producing vintage Cognacs that achieved international acclaim. Vallein Tercinier now covers all aspects of Cognac production, from vineyard management, vinification, and distillation to bottling. Their steadfast commitment to quality, evident in the superior ratings their Cognacs receive, including scores of 88 to 95 out of 100 from prominent whisky expert Serge Valentin.

Today, Vallein Tercinier is a testament to generations of family expertise, their resilience, and unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality Cognacs. This success story is a product of tradition, innovation, and an enduring dedication to customer satisfaction that continues to shape the legacy of this remarkable Cognac house.

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