Revanche Cognac

Revanche Cognac

The name “Revanche”, translating from French to English as “revenge” is the latest line of Cognacs from Norway’s very own Cognac genius, Kim Birkedal Hartmann. Revanche also has another more unique definition according to Kim: means “To start over again with something you’ve done before, but this time to win it.” Ten years after he brought out the Conjure Cognac line, he is back with Revanche Cognac - the first being a hand-curated quality blend of three-year-old VS, VSOP, and XO, with no additives or color. The first 40,000 were bottled on 12 July 2019. And there is still bigger news yet to come. In an exclusive interview, Kim told Cognac Expert that Revanche will have an important partner and co-owner that is yet to be revealed to the public.

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Understanding the meaning of "Revanche" only adds to the intrigue lurking behind the very core of what this emotionally charged brand means to its creator. And to truly comprehend the genius behind the Cognac, we need to delve into the world of the consummate Cognac professional who’s bringing it to life—Kim Birkedal Hartmann. The man himself spoke at length in an exclusive interview with Max from Cognac Expert. Read the interview in full on our blog.

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Revanche Cognac: Conjuring A Sweet, Honorable Revenge
Aug 05, 2019

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Revanche Cognac: Conjuring A Sweet, Honorable Revenge
Revenge, as the saying goes, is “a dish best served cold.” Or, in the case of Kim Birkedal Hartmann’s latest masterpiece, Revanche Cognac, perhaps at room temperature or spicing up your favorite...
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