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Joseph Guy Cognac

Joseph Guy Cognac

Cognac Joseph Guy is the leading cognac in the Netherlands, targeted at a cognac consumer who will want to spend little money for a bottle. This is how the brand was created in the first place: A Dutchman and a cognac producer joined forces to create a, entry level cognac that could be sold at a very reasonable price. In line with the Dutch trading history, Cognac Joseph Guy was made to be sold successfully in the Netherlands, not necessarily internationally. The range is limited from a VS to an XO.

Visit Joseph Guy: Zijlstraat 56 ,3131 Schiedam ,+31 (0)104091036 ,No visits Other products by Joseph Guy: Sonnema Berenburg, Café Marakesh, NOTARIS Jenever, Mansion House whisky, Jachtbitter and Estaro Rum

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History of Cognac Joseph Guy

Joseph Guy Cognac is a product of a Dutchman, who, in the 1960s decided cognac was too expensive of a product. He researched into dropping the price considerably in order to be able to sell the spirit in the Netherlands. How exactly this was achieved remains unknown, but in 1965 he collaborated with a Frenchman from the cognac industry, and Cognac Joseph Guy was born. Within ten year, Joseph Guy became the number one selling cognac in Holland. 

Cognac Joseph Guy today

There is not too much information about the production methods of Joseph Guy Cognac, but the producer of Guy Joseph Cognac is the cognac house Louis Royer, a renowned cognac producer from Jarnac. The brand is owned by the Dutch company Herman Jansen Beverages Nederland B.V. Herman Jansen also commercializes other products such as Sonnema Berenburg, Café Marakesh, NOTARIS Jenever, Mansion House whisky, Jachtbitter and Estaro Rum.


News, Products and Prices

Prices for a Joseph Guy cognac bottle range from 18 Euros for a VS, 25 Euro for a VSOP and 68 Euro for an XO, which makes this cognac very cheap compared to other products on the market. 

Visiting Cognac Joseph Guy

Visiting Joseph Guy is not possible - but you can visit Louis Royer, the producer of the cognac. That of course is possible.


3 comments for Joseph Guy Cognac

Dez 2012-01-04

Joseph Guy is really the marketleader of cognac in the Netherlands. Antoine, you can buy Joseph Guy VSOP or XO online at

antoine 2011-12-27

my uncle lives in holland, and always has the XO of Joseph Guy at home. can you also purchase it in belgium? or is there a way to buy the vsop or xo online? thanks

Franck 2011-12-27

If Joseph Guy is the market leader for cognac in the Netherlands, how many bottles do they sell? and who would be second, third? It's hard to believe that Hennessy, Martell and Co. are not on top.

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