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Grand Breuil Cognac

Grand Breuil Cognac

A small, but quality cognac brand produced in the heart of the Charente countryside, Cognac Grand Breuil produce a range of cognacs packaged in an elegant and classic manner. Self-described as a ‘luxe à la Française’ (French luxury), the brand produces their wares in a way that harps back to the first days of cognac production. Cognac Grand Breuil, part of the larger Tessendier Distillery, are keen to remain true to their heritage, producing cognac that appeals to both those new to the delights of eaux-de-vie, as well as having appeal to the connoisseur.

Visit Grand Breuil: 94 Rue Robert Daugas ,16100 Cognac ,+33 (0)545353634 ,No visiting information available.

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History of Cognac Grand Breuil

Cognac Grand Breuil is a brand that is part of the Tessendier group. This age old cognac company has a past dating back to the year 1880, when a mathematics teacher by the name of Gaston Tessendier inherited a cognac vineyard. Enthralled by his new acquisition, Gaston decided to tend the vines in his spare time. But over the years this became less of a hobby, and more of a passion. The defining moment came when Gaston created his first distillery and began to produce his own wine and cognacs. Thus the legend of Tessendier was born. 

Grand Breuil Cognac Today

Grand Breuil Cognac is one of the brands produced under the Tessendier label. Today, Tessendier is still a family owned firm – ably managed by the fourth generation of the descendants of Gaston Tessendier. Tessendier is one of the largest bulk negotiators of cognacs in the region, and supplies many of the region’s cognac houses with their raw eaux-de-vie.

The brand of Grand Breuil Cognac was created in 2005, when Tessendier decided to create their own cognacs as well as sell to other cognac houses. Jerome Tessendier, the current owner, wanted the company to diversify and hence developed six brands, of which Cognac Grand Breuil was one. Originally targeted to the Eastern European market, Cognac Grand Breuil is now becoming more well known in China, the USA, Brazil and Western Europe as well.

Boasting a good range, from a VS through to an XO, the idea behind Cognac Grand Breuil is to produce cognacs that are accessible to all, but remain true to the tradition of the region and to be enjoyed by all type of cognac drinkers. 

News, Products and Prices

The crown of the Cognac Grand Breuil range is the Grand Breuil XO. Presented in a beautiful decanter, this traditionally produced cognac is made from blends aging more than 30 years of age and costs around €110 euros per bottle.

The youngest of the range is the Grand Breuil VS, a cognac produced from grapes grown in the Fins Bois terroir. This entry level cognac can be purchased for around €30 a bottle. 

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JP 2012-09-04

This is a beautiful cognac. I had the pleasure of staying 2 nights at the Domaine de Drand Breuil, where I first tried their XO. I immediately purchased a bottle, and brought it back home to share with my father in law. We both enjoyed the XO very much. A complex taste at the beginging, and then a smooth warm finish. This XO brought back memories of the Domaine and the remarkable family that produces it. Sadly, it isn't sold in Canada. I guess I'll just have to take another trip to Cognac and buy another bottle. I highly suggest trying this XO, and pairing with a fine cuban cigar. That's how my father in law and I enjoyed it. -JP, Toronto, Canada

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