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De Charville Freres

De Charville Freres

Rich in history, De Charville Freres was born at the end of the 19th century and supplied the wealthy British elite with luxury Cognac all around the world. Representing pure quality and elegance, today the brand remains humble to its roots and continues to produce luxury Cognac products, exclusively from the Grande Champagne region. Combining generations of passion and expertise, with the high quality natural resources of the premier cru, this Cognac house strives to offer an emblematic collection worthy of its prestigious reputation.


History of De Charville Frères

Founded at the end of the 19th century during the “golden age” of Cognac, Maison De Charville Frères progressed during the affluent age through supplying Cognac to the elite across Britain and its colonies. Brandy had already been exported to Britain as early as the middle ages and had become a firm staple of “good British society”. As a result, Gentlemen’s Clubs around the world, in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and India stocked Cognac for the wealthy elite. A glass of Cognac paired with a fine cigar was the preferred accessory amongst the men who socialised in the clubs or whilst playing golf, polo or tiger hunting.

Cognac was connected to the world and the trading industry thrived, up until the First World War when for obvious reasons businesses suffered and production was halted. During this time, Maison De Charville Frères was forced to shut down during the chaotic period of the two world wars. However, years later, the inherited passion for Cognac and artisanal knowledge came back to life as the brand set out to once again impress the world with a new collection, fittingly named: “The Golden Age of Cognac”.

De Charville Frères Today

Located in the Premier Cru of the 5 Cognac crus, the house of De Charville Frères stands out as being one of the few houses to exclusively produce Cognac only from the Grande Champagne region. Respectively, this prestigious cru is where the very best terroirs are found, meaning vines grown here have optimal growing conditions and support from Mother Nature herself.

Today, the brand collaborates with the very best winegrowers and distillers to ensure outstanding quality products that are worthy of the premier cru label. To symbolise the commitment put in by those working with De Charville Frères, the brand signs each and every bottle by hand. This authentic, personal touch is just one of many acts of dedication of the workers from Maison De Charville Frères. As the brand remains humble to traditional production of Cognac, opting to distill the eaux-de-vie via Charentais stills and aging the Cognac in French oak barrels. Despite following the fundamental traditional methods, ecological working methods are favored to protect the land and environmental impact of Cognac production.

With a Grande Champagne mentality of making the best possible, luxurious Cognac, the driving force behind De Charville Frères, is to produce a collection of Cognacs embodying pure elegance and finesse.

News, Products and Prices

Focusing on quality over quantity, De Charville Freres produce a small collection of Cognacs from the Grande Champagne terroirs. Titled “The Golden Age of Cognac” the collection boasts four products boasting artisanal excellence. Varying in price according to age, the range includes Cognac VS, VSOP, XO and XXO. Each of the four Cognacs pays homage to the magical soils of the premier cru, in addition to the coordinated work of those who collaborate with and represent the brand, in order to remain loyal to the land, history, culture and traditions.

Visit De Charville Frères

There is no visiting information available online. For more information De Charville Freres can be contacted for enquiries at:



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