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Grape of the Art Hontambère 1985 Armagnac 01

Grape of the Art Hontambère 1985 Armagnac

Highly Recommended 86 /100
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Vintage 1985
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Distiller: Pierre Laporte
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Tasting review

Nose: An immediately inviting nose, powerful yet comfortable. Fruits are on black cherries in syrup, fig paste, stewed red apple. Warming spices like cinnamon and clove. Medium to dark honey. Vanilla. And a fragrant, toasty, chocolatey wood note. The wood notes carry a somewhat smoky quality. Lots happening. Seductive!

Palate: No surprises: syrupy black cherries, fig paste, sweet red apple, date, resiny honeys, cinnamon and clove. Chocolate notes are present along with roasty wood notes. The fruit, spice, and wood notes are nicely married. Cohesive, no odd edges. Despite the strength, the alcohol is well managed. Coating oily texture. Rich and intense. Slightly tea-like bitter note on finish. Very humid cellar in flavor profile! Tremendous!


Grape of the Art Hontambère 1985, Armagnac, 36 Years, 56.6%


Grape of the Art is on fire! They are arguably one of the spirits world’s hottest bottlers right now. Domaine Hontambère, however, is the Armagnac producer with whom they collaborated and from whose stock they made this captivating Armagnac selection.

To be clear, Domaine Hontambère is a producer of Armagnac itself, run by Sylvain Lafargue and Cindy Crighton. They grow all the typical Armagnac grape varieties, distill with a 100 year old column still, and always adhere to the philosophy - straight from the barrel, no additives, no colorants. But Hontambère also purchases old and rare barrels from the region’s small grower-producers, such as the Domaine Pouchégu situated in the Ténarèze region of the Gers department. Domaine Pouchégu had been producing Armagnac from 1863 to 2014, until its master distiller Pierre Laporte fell seriously ill. From the incredibly old Pouchégu stock, comes this intriguing 1985 cask - patiently rested in Hontambère’s cellars and now seeing the light of day with this Grape of the Art Hontambère edition.

Upon smelling, tasting, and being drawn into the aura of this haunting 1985 cask, the noses at Grape of the Art knew it needed to be bottled.

It is worth noting that Hontambère derives from the old Gascon language “the most beautiful well” which refers to a centuries-old well situated in the middle of the Chateau de Hontambère.

Armagnac (Ténazère)

This 1985 Armagnac is a blend of Baco and Ugni Blanc, as those were the grape varieties grown on the Pouchégu estate in their active years of production. The casks favored were made of new Limousin oak, with its coarser grain. Overall, the profile of Pouchégu Armagnacs is said to be highly complex, sophisticated, full-bodied, powerful, oily, and with a strong signature from the barrel - and this is certainly the case with the Grape of the Art Hontambère edition.

The Armagnac aged for thirty-six years in a dark humid cellar. It is bottled at a robust 56.6% ABV, which provides a strong but pleasant kick, yet remains perfect for sipping neat.

The potion-like aromas that waft out of the glass have rich notes of dark cherries, vanilla, molasses, and glue. Enthusiasts that like to chew on their spirits will be left wanting for nothing! Attention all you fans of rich aged bourbons and tropically aged demerara rums!

This limited release is sure to be sought after by the most demanding connoisseurs, so do not miss your chance to get your hands on a piece of history. This Armagnac provides a chance to continue the legacy of the alchemist of Hontambère and experience the magical tastes captured in bottle. This special release is extremely limited in quantity, so be sure to act fast when it becomes available on February 2. You will be rewarded with a unique potion that has been crafted to perfection, promising an unforgettable tasting experience.

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