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Grape of the Art Castarède 1986 Armagnac 01

Grape of the Art Castarède 1986 Armagnac

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Armagnac Ténarèze

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Vintage 1986 - Aged 36 Years
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Immediate sensation of elegance
Fruit-forward: various berry fruits and then tropical fruit - mango, passion fruit
Evocative of springtime - floral, fresh, vibrant
Curiously, a nose which nods to some Cognacs - we love that!

Beautiful texture somewhere between creamy and oily Soft delicate fruit sorbets (more on berry fruits)
The impression of elegance from the nose is immediately confirmed
Wears its alcohol level very well

Finish: The finish is smooth and enduring, with a delightful resurgence of those berry and tropical fruit flavors, tapering into a more floral and slightly spicy note. The elegance perceived in both the nose and palate gently fades, leaving behind a clean and satisfying sensation. The balance achieved throughout the experience is commendable, ensuring the alcohol warmth bows out gracefully without overpowering the delicate fruit and floral characteristics.


Grape for the Art Castarède 1986

Grape of the Art Castarède 1986 Ténarèze
Cask N°B10, 36 years old, humid cellar, 53.4% abv cask strength
Ugni Blanc and Colombard

Grape of the Art

The Castarède family has been the guiding light of France's oldest Armagnac house since its establishment in 1832, a history that spans over six generations. Today, 192 years since its founding, the company remains under the watchful eye of Florence Castarède, who continues to carry the torch of her family's storied tradition. This house possesses an extensive collection of vintage Armagnacs, with their oldest bottle dating back to 1893.

A point of pride for Armagnac Castarède is that the most recent two cellar masters have each held on to those roles for over three decades. This impressive fact is an informal guarantee of consistency and quality for what ends up in the bottle - for which this Grape of the Art 1986 edition is clear evidence. The Castarède family's commitment to showcasing the best of what Armagnac has to offer has led them to become so much more than just an Armagnac house; they are part of the fabric of the region and this great spirit - Armagnac.

Their commitment goes far beyond the borders of France, as Florence Castarède actively engages with a global audience. Sure, there are no regional locomotives like we can see in the Cognac region, but a house like Castarède plays a huge role in sharing Armagnac outside of France. And to that we say, bravo!


The Grape of the Art Castarède 1986 Ténarèze Armagnac aged for 36 years in Cask N°B10 in one of Castarède’s humid cellars. It carries a robust 53.4% ABV at cask strength and is a blend of Ugni Blanc and Colombard grapes (the exact proportions are unknown). As with every bottling of Grape of the Art, the color is natural, there are no additives whatsoever, and no chill-filtration took place. This is an Armagnac with an immediate elegance and a fruit-forward mix of berries and tropical fruits. It is evocative of spring with its floral freshness, and its delicacy and finesse make it reminiscent of some Cognacs. It presents a lovely texture, blending creamy and oily, with flavors of soft berry fruit sorbets. The elegance from the nose is confirmed, offering a balanced and refined tasting experience that manages its alcohol level really well.

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