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Castarède Blanche Armagnac

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Folle blanche - Ugni blanc - Colombard
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Nose: The aroma is remarkably fresh, showcasing an uplifting presence of white flowers alongside the sweetness of fresh plum. Entwined within these primary scents, the subtle richness of toffee emerges, providing a delightful contrast that enhances the bouquet's overall complexity and appeal.

Palate: On the palate, the initial experience is soft and creamy, indicative of a well-crafted balance between texture and flavor. The presence of fresh plum continues to dominate, supported by the delicate floral undertones and the rich, indulgent sweetness of toffee. A slight point of bitterness introduces itself, lending a unique depth and extending the length of the flavor profile, making each sip a discovery.

Finish: The finish is clean, with the creamy texture slowly dissipating, leaving behind a lingering hint of that intriguing bitterness. This final note adds a sophisticated edge to the experience, ensuring that the flavors remain memorable and inviting further exploration.


Maison Castarède Blanche-Armagnac

Introducing the Maison Castarède Blanche-Armagnac, a harmonious blend of Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc, and Colombard grape varieties. This eau-de-vie shines with remarkable freshness, making it an excellent choice for crafting delightful cocktails or savoring over ice. Achieving the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) status in 2005, Blanche-Armagnac represents a freshly distilled spirit distinguished by its unique vinification methods and careful selection during the distillation process. These techniques unveil its special fruity and floral aromas. To maintain its aromatic intensity and crystal-clear appearance, Blanche-Armagnac is stored in inert containers. Throughout its maturation, the producer skillfully lowers its alcohol content to enhance its fruitiness and roundness, a process that has recently made it a favorite among bartenders and mixologists for cocktail creation.

Presentation of the bottle

Maison Castarède’s Blanche-Armagnac is presented in a bottle that preserves its pristine and natural essence. The container is designed to protect the spirit’s delicate aromas and clear appearance, ensuring that its unique character is maintained from distillery to glass. The elegance of the bottle reflects the sophisticated and pure spirit it encases, inviting both connoisseurs and curious tasters to explore the depth of Blanche-Armagnac.

How to drink

Blanche-Armagnac by Maison Castarède is versatile in its enjoyment, perfect for those looking to explore the delicate and nuanced world of Armagnac. It can be enjoyed neat, on ice, or as a refined base for crafting complex cocktails. Its fresh and floral notes make it a delightful choice for a variety of drinking experiences, appealing to both seasoned Armagnac drinkers and newcomers eager to explore this exquisite spirit.

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