Armagnac Jean Cavé 20/20 250cl

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Eye: A golden colour with orange highlights

Nose: The nose is marked mainly by orange peel as well as woody vanilla and smoky notes

Palate: The attack is lively and complex with nuances of spices and significantly liquorice

Finish: Long with notes of toast, liquorice and prunes. The finish is characterized by further nuances of wood and cooked prune


Armagnac Jean Cavé 20/20

Armagnac 20/20 from the house of Jean Cavé presents eaux-de-vie of the best terroir in the Gascon area that has undergone its aging process in oak barrels until acquiring its full potential.

At the house of Jean Cave, the cellar Master is responsible for maintaining and stabilising the humidity and temperature of the cellar - deemed essential in order to preserve the decades of perfumes, aromas, finesse and expression of the eaux-de-vie.

Situated amidst the Bas-Armagnac region, the house of Jean Cavé boasts four generations of expertise in the art of distilling and aging, both vintage and blended Armagnacs. With more than 135 years of tradition passed down through the family - this Cognac house comprises a vast range of unique products making it the prime starting place for those who are new to the world of Armagnac. With so much on offer - there really is something for everyone.

Presentation of the bottle

Typically, this Armagnac comes in a tall and slender Ariane bottle at 70 cl, however, the Gascon Pot 2.5 litre bottle works out at better value for those who want to stock up on a quality Armagnac. The delivery of Jean Cavé 20/20 arrives in a bespoke wooden box making it the perfect gift for an Armagnac lover and collector.

How to enjoy

Such a beautifully curated Armagnac of outstanding quality should be consumed neat and at room temperature. Enjoy as the blissful patchwork of aromas fills the senses after each sip. Try adding a few ice cubes or a drop of mineral water to alter the experience very slightly.

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