Koniak Deau Vintage 1978 Grande Champagne 01

Koniak Deau Vintage 1978 Grande Champagne

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Grande Champagne

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DEAU Cognac

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Obszar wzrostu i gleba: Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne

Grande Champagne


Deau Vintage 1978 Grande Champagne Cognac

The 1978 Grande Champagne vintage Cognac from Cognac Deau is a truly premium Cognac, crafted from grapes grown in the premier cru of Cognac, the Grande Champagne. This cask 43% abv. Cognac is bottled without any reduction with water or additives, preserving its robust and complex flavor profile. Time has softened its edges and allows it to showcase tremendous maturity. It is best enjoyed neat, in good company, with time to savor each smell and flavor.

The bottle features a waxed cap and an antique-style glass design with small air bubbles captured within, adding to its vintage charm. Savor notes of matured orange-meated fruit, crystal clear and full of depth, evidence of what makes the Grande Champagne so special. Cognacs of this age from the Grande Champagne are prime examples of maturity and pristine clarity, a must-have for any Cognac collection.

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