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One of the amazing things about Cognac is that despite it being a spirit cloaked in tradition, there is a constant strive to keep innovating and bringing something new to the table. This is often achieved through the release of Limited Editions, exclusive and exciting bottles that are highly sought-after by collectors and cool kids alike. And you can pretty much guarantee that snapping up a Limited Edition Cognac bottle is going to be a safe investment.

Hennessy Limited Edition bottles are probably the most well-known, as the world-leading House releases multiple special edition bottles annually for a vast array of occasions. Hennessy’s exclusive bottles are sought after by not only the stereotypical Cognac connoisseur but also by the young and the trendy due to its long-running collaboration with street artists from around the globe.

The other houses that make up the ‘big four’ producers are also known for their Cognac special edition bottles. Some of our favorites have included the Courvoisier limited edition Cognac range that celebrated the work of all the master blenders throughout the house’s history, with a total of six XO releases; the Remy Martin limited-edition collaboration with renowned metalwork artist, Steaven Richard; and of course the Martell Cordon Bleu Centenary Limited Edition bottle.

There are of course, special edition releases from the smaller and artisanal houses and these should definitely not be neglected! So take your time to peruse the eclectic selection of limited editions we have available on Cognac Expert, and keep your eye on our blog to stay up to date with the latest releases!

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