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Park Coffret 6 Miniatures Set Cognac

Growth area

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6 x 50ml
Park Cognac

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Park VS

Eye: Golden honey hue.

Nose: We are greeted by a sweet blend of aromas of spring-dried flowers, baked apples and softened cherries.

Palate: An elegant, but well-defined palate that presents notes of dried and tropical fruits and leads on to a robust and slightly peppery finish.


Eye: Golden honey hue

Nose: Delightfully fruity on the nose with notes of orange peel, flambéed banana and vine peaches. An underlying aroma of vanilla and oak can be detected.

Palate: The oak and vanilla lead on the palate alongside subtle hints of bergamot and jasmine, giving a wonderfully rounded finish.

Park Borderies

Eye: Luminous golden amber

Nose: The typical Borderies aroma of wild violets is beautifully balanced with a bouquet of candied fruits.

Palate: A dry palate offering flavors of oak, spices and red fruits. The finish gives us notes of brown sugar, light vanilla and touches of the candied fruit found in the nose.

Park XO Grande Champagne

Eye: Rich, reddish amber

Nose: A gradually developing bouquet of dried apricot, hazelnuts and gingerbread.

Palate: Flavors of gingerbread and tobacco blend harmoniously with vanilla and almonds for a long, elegant finish.

Park XO Cigar Blend

Eye: Dark, red amber

Nose: We are initially greeted with delicate scents of honey alongside aromas of saffron and gingerbread. Subtle hints of cranberry, ginger and vanilla are also present.

Palate: The complex aromas of the nose bind together to deliver this full and rich palate of sweet sensations that lead on to a lingering and harmonious finish.

Park Extra Grand Champagne

Eye: Luminous, fiery amber

Nose: A complex and rare bouquet marked by the indulgent aromas of coconut, passion fruit, nutmeg and chocolate.

Palate: A sensory explosion on the palate, delivered oh so smoothly. Flavors of cedar, white pepper and charred wood blend harmoniously. The finish is powerful yet controlled and seemingly never-ending.

Growth area & soil: Blend

Bois Ordinaires
Bons Bois
Fins Bois
Petite Champagne
Grande Champagne


Box of 6 miniatures of 50ml Cognac Park



Napoléon Borderies

XO Grande Champagne

XO Cigar Blend

Extra Grande Champagne

The Park Collection has a clean, elegant and complex style. This box of six miniatures presents a range of Cognacs of different ages that deliver the best expressions of the terroirs.

All of Park’s Cognacs in this collection are produced from 100% Ugni Blanc grapes and have undergone the traditional process of double distillation in copper pot stills, known as the ‘Charentais method’.

The VS is the youngest Cognac of the selection and is made using a blend of eaux-de-vie from the Petite Champagne and Fins Bois region. This combination of eaux-de-vie is seamless and recognisable for its smooth, unctuous and fruit notes. Park VS is aged first in new oak barrels for six months before being transferred to continue its maturation in used Limousin oak barrels for at least another 18 months. A light toasting for 40 minutes teases out the subtle sweet flavours found in the wood, such as honey, vanilla and custard.

Park’s VSOP is a blend that has been carefully curated by the Cellar Master, using specially selected eaux-de-vie from the Fins Bois, Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne region. This unique combination of aromas is immediately seductive, particularly for those who are new to Cognac. The spirit has spent time maturing for eight months in new oak barrels before finishing aging in used Limousin casks and again, undergoing a light toasting.

Park’s Borderies Cognac is composed of eaux-de-vie purely from the most exclusive of the terroirs, the Borderies region. This growing area produces well-rounded Cognac with a uniquely floral note, particularly of violets. As a Napoléon Cognac, the blend has been well aged for at least 20 years, the finished product is a compelling and complex spirit.

The Park XO Grande Champagne is an emblem for its terroir, meticulously selected from an array of 15,000 oak casks so as to produce the best possible blend. Made using only eaux-de-vie from the premier cru of Grande Champagne which is recognised for its elegance and distinction. The Cognac spends one year in new barrels and a further six in used casks, in which it also has a medium toasting to encourage the development of spicy notes and hints of chocolate.

Another XO Cognac in the collection is the Cigar Blend, a fusion of eaux-de-vie from the two premier crus of Grande and Petite Champagne, this is bound to be exceptional. A thorough aging for a minimum of six years in new and used Limousin casks, combined with a medium toast to arouse the wood aromas of tannin, spices and chocolate has succeeded in delivering a remarkably complex, yet well-balanced Cognac.

Finally we have the Extra Grande Champagne, a prestigious Cognac that has been blessed with only the finest eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne cru and patiently aged for between 40 to 50 years in oak casks. This Cognac has been spared no expense, with the Cellar Masters ensuring it was allowed to mature in an atmosphere which is soft, humid, fresh and ideal for producing this superior spirit. It is the essence of Park Cognacs.

How to enjoy:

Park VS - Ideal for use in all classic cocktail recipes, both stirred and shaken, such as Old Fashioneds, Sidecars and Sours.

Park VSOP - Due to its richness and depth, this Cognac should be enjoyed in stirred cocktails such as Manhattans or its fruitiness also lends itself well to egg nogs and highballs. Alternatively, if you wish to sip it neat then pair with a brie or cheddar cheese.

Park Borderies - Sip as an aperitif or digestif, neat or on the rocks. Perfect to pair with a sweet treat such as caramels or banana flambé.

Park XO Grande Champagne - Sip as an excellent digestif, neat or on the rocks. This goes particularly well with roquefort cheese or vanilla ice cream.

Park XO Cigar Blend - The clue is in the name, enjoy neat with Honduran cigars.

Park Extra Grande Champagne - Enjoy neat to appreciate this exquisite Cognac. Pair with other indulgences such as cuban cigars, dark chocolate or salted butter caramels.


Park VS:

Double Or - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2014

Argent - AllWines Asia & Hong Kong Sommeliers Association 2015

Argent - Concours International des Spiritueux du Monde 2015

Park VSOP:

Double Gold - Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Las Vegas 2014

90 Points and Best Buy - Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Park Borderies:

Double Gold - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2014

Silver - AllWines Asia & Hong Kong Sommeliers Association 2015

Silver - International World Spirits Competition 2015

Park XO Cigar Blend:

Gold - International World Spirits Competition 2013

Gold - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2014

90 Points, Very Good & Strong Recommendation - Wine Enthusiast Magazine 2017

96/100 - Vert De Vin 2018

Park Extra Grande Champagne:

Gold - International World Spirits Competition 2012

Silver - New York International Spirit Competition 2012

Double Gold - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017

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О Park Cognac

Cognac Park is a brand produced by the large eaux-de-vie group Tessendier & Fils, a wholesaler who has a traceable history dating back to the 19th century. Presented in elegant ‘cognacaise’ bottles, the range encompasses all of the growing regions of the area, and produce blends both young and old. A relatively recent brand, the popularity of Cognac Park is beginning to grow, as more consumers in various countries become aware of its existence.

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