De Luze Special Alfred Fine Champagne Cognac

by De Luze Cognac

Alfred Fine Champagne Cognac is the homage to the founder, Alfred De Luze, trader and producer of premium cognacs since 1822. "A" is probably the most modern Cognac of the De Luze range. Some of the eaux-de-vie used in this blend are up to 15 years old. Drink this Cognac on the rocks. You can buy this De Luze bottle online at a price of $56.

Age Growth Area (Cru) Bottle ABV
Special, aged 15 years Blend 700 ml 43%
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Tasting notes

Colour of this special Cognac is yellow-amber gold. Fruity Notes: Cooked prunes, candied apricots. Spicy Notes: Vanilla, Walnut. Length in Mouth 7-10 minutes.

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Reply : On De Luze Special Alfred Fine Champagne Cognac by Marc
I tried A from De Luze and I liked it.. mixed. On ice, it's a very fruity cognac and I don't like it that much. But "A." can deliver in a mixed drink: I had it with 7up lemonade (just a little bit), a bit of lemon and soda water. done.

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