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Godet Cognac

The house of Godet has been run by the family for 14 generations. It is a perfect example of a cognac house that deeply believes in the tradition of this spirit and its origins. At the same time, Godet manages to move with modern times, having recently created a cognac from a grape that is almost extinct in the cognac industry: Folle Blache. This cognac is called "Antarctica Godet" and was inspired by a 2-month sailing trip to the South Pole.

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History of Godet

Founded in 1782, Godet Cognac ranges amongst the oldest cognac houses. The Godet family has been based in the seaside town and former trading hub La Rochelle for 400 years and since the very beginnings of cognac production, has played an important role in perfecting this culture. Since 14 generations, Cognac Godet has been in the hands of this family, who have placed tradition and excellence at the heart of their business. Godet is one of the few cognac producers, who use the Folle Blanche grape, the original cognac grape.

Up until the 19th century, most cognacs were made with this grape, but after the entire Charente vineyards were destroyed in a disastrous plague, the new grapes that were planted needed to be more resistant. The Ugni Blanc grape was chosen to replace Folle Blanche. Godet has got numerous products, classically ranging from a VS to an exquisite Réserve de Famille and various vintage cognacs.

Godet Today

Godet also produces wine and champagne. They have a red wine called Chateau Seigla Laplagne from the appelation Puisseguin Saint-Emilion. Their premier cru champagne is produced in the Champagne region called La Montagne de Reims and Godet's domain is 9 hectares in size. Godet has also created a liquor called Pearadise, one of their old cognac reserves blended with natural pear extract. The activity shows an innovative business approach of diversification, covering different products to do with winery.

The Godet family's expertise in wine-making results in cognac, wine and champagne - an excellent standing for a family-run company. The business is headed by Godet president Jean-Jacques Godet. His three sons Jean Eduard, Maxime and Cyril are actively contributing in the company. They are running the international operations, being based in New York, Shanghai and London respectively.

News, Products, Anecdotes and Old Labels

In 2008, Godet Cognac added a new product to its impressive range, the cognac "Antarctica Godet". It was inspired by Jean Jacques Godet's sailing trip to the South Pole, which took two months. His and his team sailed from La Rochelle to Antarctica in order to discover the spirit this cognac should have.

On his return, Jean Jacques created a Folle Blanche cognac and called it Antarctica. Its character was to be like that of the South Sea: icy, pure and unique. The design of the bottle as well as the website created specifically to document the travel log of this extraordinary journey, show the adventure that lay both in creating such a cognac from this rare grape as well as in the nature of this expedition.

Visit Godet

Contact Godet Cognac's estate in La Rochelle to find out about visits. 

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