Godet Cognac

Godet Cognac

Dom Godet jest prowadzony przez rodzinę od 14 pokoleń. Jest to doskonały przykład domu koniakowego, który głęboko wierzy w tradycję tego alkoholu i jego pochodzenie. Jednocześnie Godet podąża za współczesnością, tworząc niedawno koniak z winogron, które są prawie wymarłe w przemyśle koniakowym: Folle Blache. Koniak ten nosi nazwę "Antarctica Godet" i został zainspirowany dwumiesięczną wyprawą żeglarską na biegun południowy.

Odwiedź Godet: 34, Quai Louis Durand ,17003 La Rochelle ,+33 (0)546411066 ,Contact Godet for visiting enquiries.


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Godet Today

Godet also produces wine and champagne. They have a red wine called Chateau Seigla Laplagne from the appelation Puisseguin Saint-Emilion. Their premier cru champagne is produced in the Champagne region called La Montagne de Reims and Godet's domain is 9 hectares in size. Godet has also created a liquor called Pearadise, one of their old cognac reserves blended with natural pear extract. The activity shows an innovative business approach of diversification, covering different products to do with winery.

The Godet family's expertise in wine-making results in cognac, wine and champagne - an excellent standing for a family-run company. The business is headed by Godet president Jean-Jacques Godet. His three sons Jean Eduard, Maxime and Cyril are actively contributing in the company. They are running the international operations, being based in New York, Shanghai and London respectively.

History of Godet

Founded in 1782, Godet Cognac ranges amongst the oldest cognac houses. The Godet family has been based in the seaside town and former trading hub La Rochelle for 400 years and since the very beginnings of cognac production, has played an important role in perfecting this culture. Since 14 generations, Cognac Godet has been in the hands of this family, who have placed tradition and excellence at the heart of their business. Godet is one of the few cognac producers, who use the Folle Blanche grape, the original cognac grape.

Up until the 19th century, most cognacs were made with this grape, but after the entire Charente vineyards were destroyed in a disastrous plague, the new grapes that were planted needed to be more resistant. The Ugni Blanc grape was chosen to replace Folle Blanche. Godet has got numerous products, classically ranging from a VS to an exquisite Réserve de Famille and various vintage cognacs.

Making History with Each Generation

Transforming nature into culture

Nestled by the sea shores of the Atlantic ocean, Maison Godet resides in the quaint and historic town of La Rochelle. With its unique cellaring environment and close proximity to the sea, the house of Godet draws on the humid and salty air from the Atlantic Ocean. Standing proud as the only brand to age its products by the Atlantic Ocean, this unique location sets the house apart from other Cognac brands which are typically located in and around Charente.

From “Burnt Wine” to Cognac

Holding a unique position in the history of Cognac, it is here where new distillation technologies from the Arab culture met with locally produced wine from the Aunins. La Rochelle is also home to the harbour which welcomed maverick and innovative traders such as Bonavarte Godet; a Dutch salt merchant who settled there in the 16th century upon being granted direct protection for his family by the then king of France, Henri IV. With the clue in his name, Bonavarte Godet was one of the first settlers who went on to trade the sought-after “Dutch burnt wine” which was later established as “British Brandy'' in the 18th century and finally claimed its lasting title as “French Cognac” in the 19th century.

463 years and 15 family generations later...

Bonaventure Godet’s skills were soon handed down to his children, who in turn passed down their savoir-faire to the next generations. Today the 14th & 15th generations of the Godet family are responsible for the stylish image it presents today. Defining a true sense of brotherhood through the art of Cognac, Jean Edouard Godet and his three sons; Jean Edouard, Maxime, and Cyril Godet are the products of a staggering 463 years of family history and Cognac craftsmanship.

Cradling their craft alongside their father, the brothers continue on the artful task of transforming nature into culture, by incorporating the use of forgotten grape varieties such as Folle Blanche, Montils and Coombard. Seen through their collection of modern and traditional Cognacs, today the family strives to produce rare expressions which explore the fundamentals of Cognac; terroirs, grapes, time and moments. While every collection produced by Godet stands out in a league of its own, each has in common the characteristics of utmost quality, precision and refinement. Discover the Single-Cru, Single-Grape, Vintage and Moments with Modern Collections to uncover the outstanding taste and diversity of Cognac produced by Godet today.

Read more about the Godet history in our blog.

A Connoisseur Single-Grape Cognac Selection

We often talk about the importance of terroir (AKA growth region or cru) when it comes to the taste and profile of a Cognac. But do you ever consider the type of grape it’s made from?

To be honest, you’ll be forgiven for it not to, especially as an incredible 98% of all Cognac production is made from a single grape—the Ugni Blanc. But this is set to change as the spotlight swings to focus on traditional, almost forgotten, grapes varieties, such as the Folle Blanche, Montils, and Colombard.

These lesser-heard-of grapes for Cognac production are highlighted in the new selection brought to us courtesy of the house of Godet.

Read more about the grapes varieties in our blog.

Cocktails by Godet

Cognac God by Godet

«Cabinet de curiosité» from Jean Edouard Godet cellar.

Alambic strength cognac at 71,4% Single barrel release in 2016

Fins Bois 4 years old Single Crus cognac

To be watered down to drink pure or the strongest cocktail base ever.

Our favourite:

Forgotten Japanese W: 4cl of God, 3 dashes Angostura bitter, 1cl Orgeat sirup. 1,5cl Fresh lemon juice. Shake well & serve in coupette glass

Cognac Numéro 1

Cask strength cocktail special cognac.

42.5% of pure, low tannin, no caramel cognac.

The perfect tool for the barmen.

Our favourite:

Cocktail Gentleman: 1 measure of No1, 4 measures of tonic water, Combawa lime zest, 3 ice cubes, stir, enjoy

Antarctica Icy White

Aantarctica Artisan spirit at the cross road between cognac & gin.

Inspired by Jean Jacques Godet sailing expedition to the South Pole.

Our favourite:

Leasy Dog : 1 measure of Antarctica, 1 measure of Mexican lime juice, 1/2 a measure Orange/Cognac liquor. 1 small spoon of sugar sirup. Shake well and serve in martini glass.


Unique blend of Pearl liquor with old cognac giving birth to a drink balancing the sweetness of the liqueur and the character and strength of the cognac.

Our favourite:

Café d’amour : Pearadise, Black coffee, sugar, cream on top.

News, Products, Anecdotes and Old Labels

In 2008, Godet Cognac added a new product to its impressive range, the cognac "Antarctica Godet". It was inspired by Jean Jacques Godet's sailing trip to the South Pole, which took two months. His and his team sailed from La Rochelle to Antarctica in order to discover the spirit this cognac should have.

On his return, Jean Jacques created a Folle Blanche cognac and called it Antarctica. Its character was to be like that of the South Sea: icy, pure and unique. The design of the bottle as well as the website created specifically to document the travel log of this extraordinary journey, show the adventure that lay both in creating such a cognac from this rare grape as well as in the nature of this expedition.

Visit Godet

Contact Godet Cognac's estate in La Rochelle to find out about visits. 

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