Salignac Cognac

Salignac Cognac

The brand of Salignac Cognac is now owned by Courvoisier, and is a cognac that helped Courvoisier to remain stable throughout the global crisis, returning to growth in 2010. Salignac Cognac is younger and slightly less expensive than the famous Courvoisier brand. However, it is possible to find some extremely old Salignac cognacs dating back to the mid-1800s that can command high prices.

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History of Salignac Cognac

The house of Salignac Cognac has a history dating back to 1763, when it came into being thanks to a country gentleman, Antoine de Salignac. Because of this wonderfully long history, it’s possible to still find some very old, very rare cognacs from the house of Salignac Cognac. These, naturally, are high priced and highly desirable cognacs, easily reaching four figure sums.

Cognac Salignac Today

Today, the brand of Cognac Salignac is owned by one of the biggest cognac houses – Cognac Courvoisier – who in turn is owned by Beam Global. The cognacs produced under the Cognac Salignac label today are generally very young – VS grades of around 2,5 to 3 years of age.

During the global downturn, many cognac drinkers turned to cheaper options whilst still wanting to enjoy their brandy, and the brand of Cognac Salignac proved a shrewd purchase for Courvoisier during this period. Indeed, in 2009, when cognac shipments dropped by 12.4 per cent, Cognac Salignac sales were over 100,000 cases – a massive 8 per cent of the whole of Courvoisier’s sales that year.

Today, Cognac Salignac is popular in many countries throughout the world, including the USA. Being a younger brand, many like to drink it with a mixer, or use as a cognac element in cocktails. However, many people also enjoy drinking it neat or on the rocks.

News, Products and Prices

Currently the production of Salignac VS Cognac is the only new bottles that are produced. This is a blend of Fine Champagne cognacs and sells for around €16 euros per bottle. 

It is possible to find rare examples of old Salignac Cognac, from the days when it was run as an independent enterprise. One such example is the Salignac 1865 Cognac, which, if available, commands a price in the region of €2,750 euros.

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