Soerlie Cognac

Soerlie Cognac

The brand Soerlie Cognac has its heart in the town Cognac, its international sales headquarters in Paris and its roots deep in Scandinavia. Producing cognac in the traditional manner, this is a company that has truly embraced the tastes and drinking habits of the 21st century with vigor. From the sleek, Scandinavian inspired packaging right through to the eau-de-vie itself, Soerlie Cognacs are contemporary, sophisticated, of high quality, yet represent good value for money.

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History of Cognac Soerlie


A relatively new brand, Cognac Soerlie produce cognacs from all of the growing regions of Cognac. The range consists of VS, VSOP and XO cognacs, aged and blended by Soerlie’s master blender. The philosophy of Cognac Soerlie has always been about ensuring that the brand keeps up with current requirements and tendencies. They believe that the wants of today’s cognac connoisseur is rather different from that in the past, which is why they strive to produce products that combine traditional production methods with the needs of the modern consumer. 

Soerlie Cognac Today

Today Soerlie Cognac is known not only for its eaux-de-vie, but also for its sleek and elegant packaging. In typical Scandinavian style, the brand pays particular attention to their bottles, favoring simple lines and stylized bottles so typical of Scandinavian design that is so popular amongst young, style-conscious people right now. With their international sales office based in Paris, the brand is also highly committed to exporting their wares to various countries around the world, and for Soerlie Cognac to have a presence on all continents. 

News, Products and Prices

Soerlie Cognac produce a range of cognacs from a VS to an XO. The Soerlie VSOP Cognac can be purchased for around €37 – 40 Euros per 1 litre bottle. The Soerlie XO Cognac will set you back around €50 Euros per litre. 

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