Bernard Boutinet Cognac

Bernard Boutinet Cognac

Boasting over two centuries of history and four generations of wine growers and producers, the house of Bernard Boutinet produces a range of cognacs to suit all palates. Located solely in the terroir of Fins Bois, this artisan estate sells its wares directly to the general public. Their brands are easily spotted by the use of the region’s ‘La Caleche’ emblem on the classic style labels that grace the front of all its bottles and decanters. Staying true to the traditional methods of creating the finest eaux-de-vie, Bernard Boutinet Cognac is regarded as a producer of a small but distinguished range of good quality cognacs.

查看 Bernard Boutinet: Le Brissonneau ,16370 Breville ,+33 (0) 545808663 ,No visiting information available. Other products by Bernard Boutinet: Pineau des Charentes


History of Bernard Boutinet Cognac

Located in the village of Breville de Cognac, the domain of Bernard Boutinet has been home to its vineyards for around 200 years. For three quarters of this time the estate has been in the ownership of the Boutinet family.

68 acres of vineyards surround the house, and it was in years gone by that the decision was taken to use the regions emblem – La Caleche – as a signature mark on the labels of their products. The vines have been nurtured and tended by four generations of the Boutinet family, each passing on their expertise and secrets to the next.  

Cognac Bernard Boutinet Today

Today the house is run by its namesake, Bernard Boutinet. Together they tend the land to produce eaux-de-vie from both Colombard and Ugni Blanc varieties of grape, and pride themselves in using the traditional production methods.

It was Bernard who introduced the aspect of bottling in-house and selling directly to the general public. Staying true to the decision made by earlier generations, the labelling on the bottles remains discreet and classy, and of course still incorporates La Caleche as their signature theme.

Cognac Bernard Boutinet package their cognacs in bottles of 75cls, 70cls and miniature 5cl sizes. They will also create orders in personalized sizes and presentations for customers who wish to purchase them. In recent years they have also begun to more seriously export their products to the United States, and now have a dedicated website to aid their American customers make purchases. 

News, Products and Prices

Although a relatively small concern, Bernard Boutinet Cognac produces a full range of cognacs. From the Bernard Boutinet Coeur de Fins Bois Cognac through to the house’s flagship product, Bernard Boutinet Extra Cognac, each reflects the subtle and classic packaging and taste that the house has become renowned for.

A bottle of Bernard Boutinet VSOP can be purchased for around €27 euros.

In addition to cognac, the house also produces both a rose and a white Pineau des Charentes. 

Visit Bernard Boutinet Cognac

Visits at Bernard Boutinet Cognac are possible, but 'sur rendezvous'. Bernard's partner of many years, Marie-Claire Pajeile is an extremely accomplished painter and visits to her studio and gallery add to a visit to the property.

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