J&F Martell Very Old Pale Ale Flask

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Martell Cognac
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Story: Wow! What a beautiful specimen this is. I buy coins and this is from a customer, its still his property, I have it hear to do some home work on it as he wants to sell it.
He is a pensioner and this bottle was his dads, possibly this bottle is from the 1960s. Its in mint condition, even the top and chain is shinny with the paper seal still intact. You have one on your website featured but the chain and top is all rusty, this one is in prime condition.
Text on label:
Three Stars ***
Very Old - Pale
J & F Martell
Produce of France 70% proof
Location: North Yorkshire, England.
Bottle size: flask (20 - 30 cl)
Seal: Yes, a paper seal - in good condition
Serial number: no
Production year: no
With box: No
Certificate: No
How stored: in a dry place, upright standing

LOT - 20224

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