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Courvoisier Collection Erte No.3 Distillation Cognac 1988

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Courvoisier Cognac
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Private Seller from Georgia, USA. Stored in a dry place, lying by the side. All duties paid.

Condition: Everything seems fine. New and unopened.

Wax seal - in good condition

Fill level: Mid shoulder

LOT - 20209


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The Art of Distillation: A Collector’s Courvoisier Collection Erte No.3 Cognac

We are lost for words having come across this stunning Courvoisier collector’s edition Cognac. Inspired by intricate and colorful Chinese art, this decanter of Courvoisier Collection Erte No.3 Distillation Cognac will be your most prized possession. It will be a perfect addition to your collection for any fan of incredible bottle design. 

The item has all original paperwork and certificate, still in the original envelope, in pristine condition.

This bottle contains Courvoisier Extra Cognac, from the year 1988. The blends consist of rare Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, some of which date back to 1892 - well over 120 years ago. The eaux-de-vie dates back to the year of the artist’s birth in November 1892, and is highly sought after by collectors. 

The Courvoisier Erte Collection features eight different bottles of Cognac. The Russian-born French artist, Romain de Tirtoff, also known as Erté was born in November 1892 and designed the bottles of this limited edition.

The visuals of each bottle, in fact, recount the seven steps of Cognac making. This collector’s item is about the ‘Distillation’ process. 

The distillation process, in this instance, is depicted by a human riding an intricately drawn dragon, as it breathes fire down the neck of the Cognac pipe. This is very similar to the Charentais distillation process, that takes place using the swans neck pipe, and is arguably the point at which the Cognac develops a distinct character of its own. 

Story of this collector’s item 

The seller purchased the Cognac in the mid-1980s, and the bottle has never been opened. The entire set is still in its original packaging. The seller themselves owned a liquor and wine store in the 1980s and early 1990s, and this bottle of Courvoisier Erte Number 3 Distillation was ordered by one of their customers. When it came in, they changed their mind and left the bottle there. The seller has owned it ever since, taken great care to make sure it remains as it was found. 

Text on label

Front label is only artwork, with a neck showing label that says Extra Courvoisier Cognac. The back label says "Collection Erte" and explains the collection

Presentation of the bottle

Where do we begin in describing this beautiful decanter and packaging? The decanter is a stunning teardrop shape, with a crystal stopper. The neck is adorned with a gold plate, alongside the back of the bottle which is covered by a golf leaf engraved in lettering.

The bottle is beautifully cushioned in a bespoke presentation box, which is a shocking royal blue to match the bottle itself. The story of the collection is explained in the upper part of the presentation box. It sits in a powder blue satin bed, protecting this treasure. 

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About Courvoisier Cognac

Courvoisier is amongst the four leading Cognac houses in the world - also known as the 'Big Four'. Legend has it that the emperor Napoléon himself chose Courvoisier as his preferred Cognac, therefore Courvoisier brandy is often referred to as “The Cognac of Napoleon”. The company dates back to 1828 and since has its headquarters in the town of Jarnac. With prestigious bottles such as Courvoisier Napoléon or Josephine, the Cognac house is at the top of the luxury spirits market. The Courvoisier VS, VSOP, and Rose Liqueur are also very popular. The drink is strongly ingrained in US Hip Hop culture with Busta Rhymes and P Diddy dedicating the song “Pass the Courvoisier” to the traditional brand.

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