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Camus Special Dry Borderies Single Estate Cognac


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Eye: Intense mahogany gold with orange reflections

Nose: Bright notes of white fruits (such as pear and peach) and white flowers, with hints of anise, butter, sandalwood and vanilla

Palate: Round and soft, with hints of dried fruit and a finish rich in roasted aromas, such as liquorice and cinnamon.


Camus Special Dry Borderies Single Estate Cognac

Camus Borderies Special Dry presents a refined makeover on the classic concept of the travel flask, proposing itself as an essential design object, perfect for consumption at home or on the move.

The genesis of the Borderies Special Dry is the Camus manufacturing team going even further in the process aimed at revealing the best of the Borderies terroir: grapes exclusively from the plots of the family estate with maximum aromatic potential and a technique distillation optimizing the esters and limiting the highest alcohol content. This creates a Cognac with unprecedented fruity and floral aromas, with a dry taste profile, perfect for blending.

Camus is a Cognac house that takes pride in embracing traditional strengths whilst remaining at the forefront of science in striving to reach new levels of intensity in the aromas of their Cognacs. The house has been independently operating since 1863 and has succeeded in upholding strong family values across five generations - all in quest of producing the utmost refinement when it comes to the production of Cognac.

Presentation of the bottle

The design of the Borderies Special Dry makes it an ideal companion when travelling or on the go. Whether that means you might like to pack it in your bag for a moment of relaxation during a business trip or simply for a cocktail over at a friend's place - the metal flask with its integrated measuring cup offers an elegant and versatile tasting ritual that makes it easy to carry and perfect for sharing.

Borderies Special Dry is a Cognac but also a work of art in terms of design. Thus, it presents the ultimate gift idea to those who appreciate the finer things in life.

How to enjoy

This special Cognac is best enjoyed as an after-dinner tipple in a digestive course or as an aperitif amongst guests. Its rich, fruity and spicy notes pair perfectly with a creamy dessert or alongside a fine cigar after eating.

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About 卡慕干邑

从1863年至今,卡慕家族历经五代传承,始终坚持酿造卓越品质的干邑。拥有180公顷位于布特尼产区(Borderies)的珍稀特级葡萄园(AOC cru),卡慕家族为酿制花香馥郁、优秀陈年品质的生命之水,积极进行技术更新换代,将土地、传统与人有机结合,一直保持着干邑酿制与蒸馏领域的先驱地位。卡慕干邑出品更是极致优美:既有紫罗兰芳香与香草香气完美融合,又有丝绒般顺滑。

 卡慕经典系列干邑(Camus Elegance)的酿造过程完全尊重生命之水酿制和调配的传统技法,是干邑酿制传统传承的最有力证明。为了充分了解干邑产区的多样性,卡慕家族一直在不断探索。正是在这积极探索过程中,卡慕发现了雷岛(Ile de Ré)这片与众不同的葡萄种植区,并推出了卡慕雷岛干邑。这款干邑的酿酒葡萄在小岛长成,并在此陈年,因而带有典型的海盐气息,并融合了浓郁的干果香味。由于限量生产,卡慕雷岛干邑一定会给您带来丰富又独一无二的品味体验。此外,卡慕家族另有大师典藏限量系列——卡慕世家精选,其中每一款都由独一无二的精美调和而来。与许多珍贵卓越的干邑一样,卡慕世家精选经过由法国政府官方机构Bailiff认证,其外包装更是坚实而尊贵,与内中花香馥郁而又坚实有力的干邑相得益彰。 

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