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Giboin 22 Year 1995/2017 Borderies Cognac


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Giboin Cognac


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Nose: Marshmallow, vanilla, whipped cream, cotton candy, caramel, fresh and baked apples, banana, baking spices, uncooked pie crust, floral. After adding a few drops of water - it shifts into a slightly drier mode with more oak, some citrus (lemon), and subdued sweet notes.

Taste: Rather sweet and thick up front, maple syrup, berries, grapes, floral background, mild oak underneath, not a lot of development. After dilution it becomes creamier with a little more oak.


Giboin 22 Year 1995/2017 Borderies

Giboin 22 year 1995/2017 Borderies is a premium, single cask Vintage distilled from 100% ugni-blanc grapes. Produced with eaux-de-vie from 1995, the house of Giboin let mother nature work her magic by leaving the Cognac to age for 22 years before bottling. With a complex array of aromas - this Borderies jewel is a must-try for Cognac connoisseurs and aficionados alike. The tasting experience should be enjoyed amongst the company of guests - it will be a moment worth sharing as the aromas develop and the eclectic patchwork of flavors unfold. Offering creamy notes of marshmallow, vanilla, whipped cream and cotton candy alongside fruity flavors including baked apples, banana and berries - it is a Cognac that is particularly enjoyed by those with a sweet tooth.

Giboin is a small, lesser-known Cognac house with vines located in the Fins Bois and Borderies regions. It has been family owned since 1830 and produces no more than 4000 cases a year. They use different amounts of lees (the solids remaining after fermentation) depending on how long the spirit will be aged for. Younger Cognacs are distilled without lees to give a cleaner product, while more lees are used for Cognacs destined to age for longer periods of time to give a more complex Cognac that is rich in aroma.

Presentation of the bottle

Bottled in an elegant and simple bottle design, Giboin 22 Year 1995/2017 Borderies proves that, whilst presentation is important - it’s what’s on the inside that counts the most. Nevertheless, with its slim neck and smooth curves, this bottle will stand tall on the brandy shelf. It is a luxurious gift for someone who lavishes the finer things in life.

How to enjoy

Having found its alcohol content naturally over time, this 22 year old Vintage Cognac contains unparalleled elegance and infinite depth that should be enjoyed one sip at a time. Drink neat from a tulip glass, as the narrow top of this type of glass will delicately distribute the arrival of aromas during the tasting. Try adding a couple of ice cubes and a splash of mineral water to lengthen the beverage slightly.

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About Giboin Cognac

Giboin is an expert producer of both Cognac and Pineau de Charentes, with 60 acres of vineyards in both the Borderies and Fins Bois Cognac growing areas of the Charente. This family run, traditional brand has a history stretching back to the early part of the nineteenth century, and exclusively produces a very limited amount of Cognac per year. Using predominantly Ugni Blanc grapes, but Merlot too, Giboin strives to remain committed to the methods used by the family’s founders, and for a small house curates a surprisingly versatile and wide range of Cognac and Pineau products. 

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