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Wolfgang S.

Reviews written: 137 (see reviews)

Average Score given: 86


I have been blindtasting wine on a regular basis with a group of friends for mor than thirty years and got more and more fascinated by spirits during the last five years. After exploring r(h)ums and whisk(e)y I finally got into Armagnac and Cognac. I am happy to be able to continue this interesting journey.

Morten V.

Reviews written: 127 (see reviews)

Average Score given: 82


Passionate cognac enthusiast from Norway

James P.

Reviews written: 112 (see reviews)

Average Score given: 82


I am an opinionated old man. After half a century of cognac I still have a pedestrian palate.

Tony M.

Reviews written: 74 (see reviews)

Average Score given: 90


I have a passion and love for all spirits, but particularly world brandy and world whisk(e)y. The great people at Cognac-Expert have greatly increased my exposure to not only more Cognac, but smaller producers who are doing phenomenal things!! Love you all!! Cheers!! CERTIFICATIONS Certified Specialist of Spirits, Society of Wine Educators, 2017 SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS The American Wine Society National Conference, 2019 PROFESSIONAL & COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Member, American Wine Society Judge, Denver International Spirits Competition, 2019 Judge, North American Bourbon & Whiskey Competition, 2018, 2020, 2021 Judge, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, Spirits, Table Captain, 2017, 2020, 2021 Judge, San Diego International Spirits Competition, Table Captain, 2020, 2021

Thomas G.

Reviews written: 57 (see reviews)

Average Score given: 80

John S.

Reviews written: 52 (see reviews)

Average Score given: 77


A seasoned whisky enthusiast making my way through the delights of cognac. Santé!

Theodore M.

Reviews written: 48 (see reviews)

Average Score given: 87

Willie J.

Reviews written: 47 (see reviews)

Average Score given: 83

Theodor M.

Reviews written: 43 (see reviews)

Average Score given: 73


Hello I am Theodor. I am in love with Cognac, started out in 2016 with regular tastings. Then had to do a pause for some time and I am back in 2021.

Taylor C.

Reviews written: 41 (see reviews)

Average Score given: 86


French wine, and the concept of terroir, captured my interest early on. Naturally, curiosity took me to spirits, in particular Cognac. Today I'm proud to be a member of the Cognac Expert team managing B2B projects, working on Cognac Expert Originals, and writing bottle reviews for the English Blog. I love to taste anything and everything - rum/rhum, whisky(ey), Armagnac, etc. - but no other spirit grabs my attention quite like Cognac, and all of its subtleties and nuance. Santé !


欢迎来到我们的干邑评论页面,这是由我们广泛的干邑评级系统决定的。在这里,您可以找到我们精选的干邑评论、评级以及排名前10位的Cognac Expert 。我们全新的干邑评级系统要求用户对各种因素进行打分,如嗅觉、口感、味道、余味和总体印象,最终得出满分100分。此外,评论者还将对酒中的木香、香料、果香和花香以及酒瓶设计和性价比进行评分。这一全面的干邑评级系统确保了我们为受众提供全面而详细的评论。在我们的评论总览页面,您可以浏览我们获得至少五条评论的最佳干邑,您也可以查看我们评论最多的酒款,让您了解我们店内最受欢迎的酒款。我们欢迎顾客对我们的产品发表评论,我们甚至会在本页介绍我们最热心的评论者。想加入我们的十大评论员行列吗?您最好进行品尝测试,因为我们的顶级评论员已经评论了超过85瓶干邑--令人印象深刻。

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