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Cognac Expert x Wagemut Rum

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Eye: Gold. Coating the glass' walls allows an eye-intriguing dispersal of medium-paced legs to run down the glass.

Nose: Bright. Herbal, grassy traces (not unlike those in some rhum agricole from Guadeloupe, for example). Little dried red berries. Cake with icing. Crushed strawberry. Stewed rhubarb. An inviting nose with only a few of the classic Barbados rum markers. The pineau finish is the more impactful.

Palate + finish: Good mouthfeel - coats the palate. Gourmand and dessert-y on one hand, bright and grassy on the other hand. Fresh. Good acidity. The alcohol level is really well measured. Anise. Stewed rhubarb. Cake: financier aux fraises. Definitely a rum but not an obvious Foursquare Barbados rum. Finish is medium.

Really a pleasant trio of smell, taste, and mouthfeel. Easy and fun to taste.


An experiment that dares to merge both the Rum and Cognac worlds, Wagemut Rum is the product of Cognac Expert’s Sophie & Max and Germany-based rum producer Nicolas Kroeger. Giving a high-quality 12-year-old rum a fresh and modern twist, we are proud to present Cognac Expert X Wagemut Rum, finished in Cognac oak casks for 3 months before ending its maturation process for a further 3 months in the Limousin casks of Pineau des Charentes.

Discover the full story of Wagemut rum as Max reveals an inside scoop on this exclusive collaboration and how it came to be below.


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