Rastignac Cognac

Rastignac Cognac

Rastignac Cognac is made in the glorious setting of the Chateau des Plassons, in the Bons Bois terroir of Cognac. Run by two brothers, David and Julien Pannaud, not only does this cognac house sell its produce under the label of Rastignac Cognac, but also that of the name of the chateau, Cognac Chateau des Plassons. With wine making in their blood, it comes as no surprise that these brothers felt compelled to leave their regular jobs in Paris and return to work in an industry that their father and grandfather before them loved. The Pannaud brother’s story began in 2008, when they made the life changing decision to buy into this beautiful old chateau, and make the creation of cognac their life ambition.

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History of Rastignac Cognac

Chateau des Plassons, the home of Rastignac Cognac, was originally built in the 1500s by a preacher. This magnificent house, surrounded by vineyards, was passed down over the decades until eventually it ended up being bought by the Hennessy dynasty. But in a further twist to the history of the chateau, Hennessy placed this up for sale, and in 2008 Julien and David Panneau entered the picture.

The chateau is located in Bors-de-Montmoreau – in the heart of the Bons Bois growing region. Whilst this area might not be as prestigious as that of Grande Champagne, cognacs produced from grapes grown on these soils have their own unique charm. Indeed, the ever changing chalky quality of the soil is one reason that many have fallen in love with cognacs from this area.

Cognac Rastignac Today

The story of Cognac Rastignac is ever evolving. The Pannaud brothers have wine making in their blood; passed down from their grandfather and father – indeed their father owns a further 90 hectares of vines where he too produces wine.

Disillusioned by their jobs as a history teacher and in pharmaceutical sales, David and Julien negotiated to purchase the 30 hectare estate of Chateau des Plassons. However, it came at a price, as a large proportion of their eaux-de-vie is now sold under contract to one of the big cognac houses. It is their goal to become truly independent, and use all of the produce to create Rastignac Cognac and that sold under the label of the chateau itself.

Tradition runs deep in the veins of the brothers, and they have worked hard to repair and replace much of the chateau and distillery. They still work with two hand run, 1922 alembic pot stills, as well as having installed a new, fully electronic still to more than double their production ability.

Cognac Rastignac is today sold in Belgium, Canada and the U.S., and the brothers have their eye on the ball as regards getting into the Chinese market.

News, Products and Prices

You can find Rastignac Cognac in all qualities: Rastignac VS Cognac, Rastignac VSOP Cognac and the Rastignac XO Cognac. They range in price from around €20 euros per bottle upwards.

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