Moyet Cognac

Moyet Cognac

Cognac Moyet, owned by parent company Louis Max, has a wide and varied history dating back to 1864. Its commercial popularity, especially in the eastern countries of the globe, exploded a couple of decades ago with the ‘re-discovery’ of what has been referred to as a collection of “antique cognacs”. Creating different cognacs from all five terroirs, Cognac Moyet’s products are all named after the cru from which they hail – such as Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne etc.

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History of Cognac Moyet

The beginnings of Moyet Cognac can be traced back to 1864, when one vineyard owner, Euthrope Moyet founded his cognac business. He based himself in the town of Saint-Sulpice, in the Borderies region of the Cognac vineyards. Aided by his son-in-law, André Tessier, Euthrope was a true entrepreneur of his time and by the end of the nineteenth century was exporting his cognacs all over the world.

Between the two, Euthrope and André began to build a solid reputation for the high quality of the cognacs produced, and they counted partners in China, Thailand and California among their customers – a huge achievement for a cognac producer in the late 1800s.

But the death of André Tessier in World War 1 and the natural demise of Moyet in 1918, saw this entrepreneurial dynamic fade, although the company continued with its aim of creating only the highest quality produce. The house was passed down through the generations, each concentrating on nurturing the cognacs and rigidly adhering to the high quality standards so important to the company’s founders.

Because of this unique approach, Cognac Moyet continued in the same fashion for over a century, remaining faithful to the traditions of its founder and almost identical to the day the business was commenced. In 1978, a visit from a group of friends, who were enchanted by the cognac house, led to an acquisition. Not only did they purchase the business, but with it they inherited a cellar full of eaux-de-vie that dated back over the decades to when the Moyet’s cognac production started. As the cellars had been consistently managed by only two cellar masters – Euthrope Moyet and his apprentice and successor – they were sure to have inherited only the best in quality.

Moyet Cognac Today

Today Cognac Moyet continues to be run to an extremely high standard. Famous for its classic range as well as its antique range, the new owners have injected a dynamic marketing campaign into the business, with major distributors in various Asian countries. These include Thailand, Vietnam and India. In the year 2000, Moyet was the first ever cognac to be chosen as an exclusive airline cognac by Scandinavian Airlines (SAS).

Since 1987 the company Ithalthai has imported Moyet cognacs into Thailand, distributing to the five star hotels and upmarket bars countrywide. 2003 saw Moyet enter the Vietnamese market as well, thanks to the company Les Cellers d’Asie. Vietnam was seen as an ideal marketplace for their products, being as the country sports the largest range of boutique cognacs outside of France.

It is Les Cellers d’Asie who from 2005 expanded the distribution of Cognac Moyet, bringing both their classic and antique range to the whole of South-East Asia.

News, Products and Old Labels

Cognac Moyet produces cognacs in two ranges – “Moyet Classics” and “Moyet Antiques”. The company does not use any generic names for their products. Instead they are named after the cognac growing areas they originate from – Borderies, Fins Bois, Grande Champagne etc. 

Many cognac connoisseurs consider the cellars of Moyet to hold some of the oldest and finest cognacs in the world, and these are the products sold under the antique range.  Known simply as ‘Tres Vieille Grande Champagne,’ or ‘Tres Vieille Fine Champagne,’ these date back to 1848. 

The price of Cognac Moyet depends entirely on the range you purchase from. The three year old Cognac des Fins Bois is priced at around €40. The most expensive of Moyet’s antique cognacs command four figure prices.

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