Jon Bertelsen Cognac

Jon Bertelsen Cognac

Jon Bertelsen Cognac is a young modern cognac founded in 1999, which has at its core philosophy to stay true to nature's gifts and qualities. It is produced without additives or chillfiltration, using organic grapes from the Fins Bois region. Each vintage is kept pure and never gets blended, respecting every year's harvest and its weather conditions. Jon Bertelsen's secret is the quality of the wine, which, thanks to its extremely deep roots is very strong in aroma and character. The wine allows the cognac house to produce an exquisite cognac, ranging from a VSOP to vintage bottles.

查看 Jon Bertelsen: La Couture ,16130 Gente ,+33 (0)545837660 ,Contact Léopold Gourmel Cognac for information about visits.


History of Jon Bertelsen

It was the dream of this young Norwegian from the Senja Islands north of Norway, to found his own cognac brand. After touring the Charente region for a long time and getting accustomed with the traditions of the old cognac houses as well as the innovations of the younger ones, Jon Bertelsen finally found a friend and mentor in Olivier Blanc. Blanc is the owner and owner of the cognac house Léopold Gourmel, also a cognac house with strong beliefs in organic production and aging. Bertelsen understoon that the character of a good cognac comes with the quality of the wine it is made with. He found a vineyard in the Jurassic Fins Bois area of the Charente, which has very old subsoil, meaning that the vines grow extremely deep roots and therefore uniquely rich grapes. Bertelsen finally founded his own cognac in 1999 as part of the Léopold Gourmel company and with similar intentions to stay true to nature's offerings. He decided to name his cognacs after key words from the musical world: The VSOP is called "Prelude", the XO "Symphonie" and the EXTRA "Orchestra".

Jon Bertelsen Today

Since the brand's beginnings, Jon Bertelsen has added a range of products to his  "Prelude", "Symphonie" and "Orchestra" cognacs, with innovations such as the "Light VSOP" and "Light XO" with a reduced 46% of alcohol. Jon Bertelsen continues to show a strong interest in developing a cognac brand that appeals to a young generation and to an international consumer base. The logo of the cognac house is of artistic quality, truly standing out as an exceptionally elegant and modern icon amongst cognac brands today.

Visit Jon Bertelsen

As Jon Bertelsen belongs to Léopold Gourmel Cognac, please contact them to find our about visiting their estate.

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