Jenssen Cognac

Jenssen Cognac

The house of Cognac Jenssen is located in the heart of premier cru Grande Champagne – in the highly desired ‘golden triangle.’ The estate is called Le Maine Pertubaud and consists of a sprawl of beautifully restored old buildings, ancient cellars, mansions and vines. Jenssen Cognac grows grapes on 25 hectares of vineyards and produces a small range of cognacs that range from VSOP to the prestigious 98 year old “Arcana.”

查看 Jenssen: Le Maine Pertubaud ,16120 Bonneuil ,+33 (0)545960278 ,Jenssen offers an extensive visiting and tasting program.


History of Cognac Jenssen

If the name seems Scandinavian, that’s because it is. Back in the early 1800’s thousands of Norwegians left their homeland for foreign shores. Most of them headed to the USA, but a good number arrived in France, including the family Jenssen, who settled in Cognac and made their life there.

The estate of Cognac Jenssen is made up of a complete hamlet – with some buildings dating back to the 1600’s. Cognac has been produced from the estate from at least the 1700’s – perhaps even earlier. In 1990, the families who owned La Maine Pertubaud decided to sell, and in 2001 it was purchased by a descendent of the long-ago Norwegian who had made Cognac his home. The new owner, Per Egil Jensen, renovated the whole village and created the brand Cognac Jenssen. In 2006, the estate was purchased by the Russian wine and spirits merchant Moscow International Winery (MMVZ).

Cognac Jenssen Today

Today, Cognac Jenssen not only produces a high-end range of cognacs, but also has embraced tourism as a sound business proposition. Tourists can stay in the newly restored houses on the estate, which overlooks the lovingly tended vines that stretch down the hills on all sides. Run since 2001 by Norwegian, Espen Soland, Cognac Jenssen relies not only on its production of eaux-de-vie, but the tourism industry as well.

The grapes on the estate are all Ugni Blanc and the brand aims for quality of the fruit over quantity. Their cognacs range from a VSOP through to their top of the range limited edition flagship product “Arcana.” The estate boasts top of the range equipment and the latest generation in harvesting equipment.

News, Products and Old Labels

Cognac Jenssen’s “Arcana” has been quoted as being one of the world’s top 10 cognacs. Bottled on demand, Arcana is presented in a hand-blown crystal carafe and presented in a wooden casket with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity.

In early 2011, Andrei Borodin, who is behind the company MMVZ and was previously president of the Bank of Moscow, has been in the news for abuse of authority in a financial case. An international warrant was issued for his arrest in May.

Visit Cognac Jenssen

It is possible to visit the Cognac Jenssen estate, take a guided tour of the winery or spend a half day including cognac tasting and lunch. During the relevant seasons it is even possible to take part in the harvest (autumn) or distillation process (winter time) if you so wish.

These activities are on demand so contact the estate before arrival.

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