Honor Cognac

Honor Cognac

Honor Cognac from the House d'Orsay takes its inspiration from the famous D'Orsay Museum in Paris.  In the same way as the musuem is well-known for its vibrant expression, so the Cognac house follows its vision of the creation of luxury Cognacs, both in the art of the Cognac itself and the design in which they present them.


History of Honor Cognac

Honor Cognac, or the House of d'Orsay, is a seperate brand under the umbrella of Birkedal Hartmann, who were established in 1877.  Well over a century of knowledge and passion is poured into every aspect of their production, and they're well-known for creating Cognacs of exceptional quality and character, many of which have been supplied to many of Europe's royal houses.

Honor Cognac Today

The brand of Honor is relatively new, and it embodies the youth that's embracing Cognac as its new favorite spirit.  Their range, whilst small, is growing, and the focus is in creating products that combine quality and luxury with the appeal to the growing crowd who enjoy drinking Cognacs in their own manner, rather than simply the traditional way of as a digestif.

Their Cognacs are designed to be enjoyed in many different ways - such as on the rocks, with water, or combined in a cocktail, as well as the traditional manner - neat, from a balloon or tulip glass.

News, awards, and products

The Honor VS was recently awarded a double gold medal at the 16th annual San Francisco world spirits competition 2016. Our of 1850 entries, only this one was awarded the esteemed rating of a double gold.

Visit Honor Cognac

There is no infomation available about visiting Honor Cognac.  Please contact the house of Birkedal Hartmann if you wish to visit.

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