Château De Plassac Cognac

Château De Plassac Cognac

Boasting a long and aristocratic history, the house of Chateau de Plassac Cognac occupies an enviable position close to the town of Saint Genis de Saintonge. Producing wines and eaux-de-vie for the past 200 years, the house is also closely linked to the famous champagne producers Comtes de Dampierre in the north of the country. Today, Chateau de Plassac produces a range of cognacs to suit all palates and pockets, from cognacs suitable for mixing in cocktails, through to their XO and Napoleon range. All are produced from the Chateau’s own Ugni Blanc and Colombard vines that grow beneath the impressive backdrop of Chateau de Plassac.

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History of Chateau de Plassac Cognac

The Chateau de Plassac was designed by Victor Louis, a renowned French architect of the 18th century who was also responsible for the Palais Royal in Paris. It was the third chateau to be built on the site, after the turmoil of the Middle Ages saw its predecessors destroyed in battles. In fact, even before this time there is evidence that vineyards surrounded the chateau and that the occupants both produced and enjoyed their own wines. Back then the chateau was referred to as the ‘grand chai,’ or great storehouse, for the wine and eaux-de-vie produced. Even today, deep below the chateau, the gaols of the 15th century castle remain, and it is here that the oldest Chateau de Plassac cognacs are carefully guarded.

The Duke of Epernon was the first owner of the chateau that stands on the site today. This passed onto the Marquis de Montazet and was then purchased by the Counts of Dampierre. The Dampierres are one of France’s oldest families, and their expertise and knowledge has been handed down through eight successive generations, and continue to be responsible for the production of the cognacs produced at Chateau de Plassac to this day.

Cognac Chateau de Plassac Today

Today the task of producing Cognac Chateau de Plassac is in the capable hands of Audoin and Henri de Dampierre. Whilst the traditions and methods of creating eaux-de-vie has changed little over the years, the same cannot be said for the sales methods and packaging. You only need look back to the previous century to see that the bottles then were simple and unpretentious. However, today’s cognac consumers expect their bottles and carafes to be as magnificent as the product encased within.

Every step of the production process is still carried out within the grounds of the chateau. From the tending of the soil, growing of the vines right through to the blending and bottling, the family Dampierre oversee every stage of the process. In response to consumer demand for young, sprightly cognacs to mix in cocktails or drink with mixers, they’ve introduced the Chateau de Plassac VS Cognac to their portfolio. This fashionable and fun, 4 year old blend has proved an instant hit with the younger generation.

News, Products and Prices

Chateau de Plassac produces cognacs under both the name of the chateau and the label ‘Comte Audoin de Dampierre.’ These range from a VS right through to the Compte Audoin de Dampierre Cognac Sublime, presented in a Baccarat crystal decanter.

The Chateau de Plassac XO Cognac is a blend of cognacs aged between 18-20 years. Previously it was created from cognacs aged 15 years and more, but in recent years this has been extended. The recipe and secrets for this remains the same as that created by the current owners’ great grandfather, and they have no plans for this to change.

Prices range from 30-40 euros for the VS, up to around 2,600 euros for the Compte Audoin de Dampierre Cognac Sublime.

Visit Chateau de Plassac Cognac

It is possible to visit Chateau de Plassac Cognac, but there is no information about opening times or visiting hours. Contact the chateau directly for more details.

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