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Courvoisier ERTE 1-7 Collection


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Limited Edition
拿破仑 干邑白兰地

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"The bottles of the Erté Collection were designed by Russian deco-artist Erté and contain an extraordinary blend of precious Grande Champagne cognacs. The legendary cognac house commissioned the seven bottle set from the Russian-born artist for its extraordinary blend of precious Grande Champagne cognacs, some dating back to 1892.

Only 12.000 bottles were made of numbers 1 to 7. Each of the bottles’ design represents a different facet of the cognac making process." The seller Bottles had been purchased when they became available on the market in the 1980's.

All decanters remain in excellent condition. Owner used gloves while handling bottles to ensure there would never be fingerprints. Bottles are unopened/factory sealed.
The exterior of these boxes show no signs of damage. The plastic sheaths do show signs of age. Bottle No. 3 (Distillation) does not have the card/envelope present. All remaining 6 bottles have the outer sleeves, bottle tags, and cards with envelopes.
All seven bottles had been stored at room temperature, lying on their sides.

Artwork/bottle names & base numbers:

Bottle No. 1 - Vigne C2448
Bottle No. 2 - Vendanges A208
Bottle No. 3 - Distillation H7206
Bottle No. 4 - Vieillissement F5461
Bottle No. 5 - Degustation B1628
Bottle No. 6 - L'Esprit Du Cognac A779
Bottle No. 7 - La Part Des Anges B1397

Private Seller from USA . Stored lying on its side. All duties paid.

Condition:  New and unopened

Fill level: Into neck

Bottle Size: 7 x 750ml


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About 拿破仑 干邑白兰地

拿破仑干邑为世界四大干邑品牌之一。源于拿破仑的钟爱,这款干邑被人称作“拿破仑的干邑”。拿破仑干邑公司于1828年成立,总部位于雅尔纳克(Jarnac)。 拥有著名的拿破仑酒樽与约瑟芬酒樽,拿破仑干邑稳居奢侈品酒水市场前列。嘻哈文化是美国干邑热潮的重要助推力量。拿破仑干邑与嘻哈狂魔Busta Rhymes 和P Diddy合作,在歌曲“Pass the Courvoisier”中提及拿破仑干邑。传统的拿破仑干邑在嘻哈界的地位由此奠定。

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