Rémy Martin XO Excellence Cognac

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Remy Martin Cognac

Rémy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac is a blend of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie (at 85%) and Petite Champagne spirits (15%). The Cognac consists of over 300 different eaux-de-vie, which have been aged in oak casks between 10 and 37 years.

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Petite Champagne
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Tasting Notes

On the nose this cognac reveals a unique bouquet of flowers, a rich structure of vanilla. On the palate: Some dark brioche, orange fruit and dark, mature fruit. The finish is long and consistent.

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Marvelous! One of the best I've tasted.

Starting with the nose: it is very attractive and inviting. Very complex and intriguing. Hints of hazelnuts and fruits, On the palate is very round and has hints of nutmeg, honey, and a general "fruity" character. The finish is exceptional with a long and satisfying aftertaste. Nutty, with vanilla and not too much oak. I like this style of Cognac better than many others.

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Aftertaste (Finish)
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Remy Martin XO review

I must say the nose is pretty intense, fruity & nutty - I really like the palate, very complex and rich in dark fruits. The after taste has a slight punch! Given it's a top4 cognac it's of course more expensive than other XOs that are less known. I rated this review in a blind tasting compared to other XOs.

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Q&A for Rémy Martin XO Excellence

William 2013-08-19

Hey everyone. I got a 70cl bottle of this cognac for sale. It's a very old vintage bottle owned by my family for over 20 years. The packaging and the bottle are all old-style, different from the ones you can see today. It's all in perfect condition. I have pictures of them. Please contact me if you're interested.

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denny 2013-07-13

remy martin xo for sale $100 a bottle

    Puma Bearclan 2013-01-07

    This cognac is at the top of my price range. I have no complaints and enjoy it very much. It actually seems a bit heavy sometimes so I don't drink it too frequently, but I usually have a bottle on hand.Everything about this cognac is as it should be: excellent complexity in bouquet, in the mouth, and in the finish. Heady and floral top notes, rich base notes, and a very smooth sip.

      Duong J. 2012-12-14

      Most Asian like Rémy Martin XO included Vietnamese people

        Mr. USArmy Retired 2012-12-08

        Remy Martin XO is an excellent Cognac. I drink it more often then other Cognacs and the cost here in Texas and I paid around 130.00 USD at our local liquor store.

          mSamuelle 2012-07-30

          I traveled Japan in the early part of the millennia yet I love Remy since I was barely 17!

            Mark 2012-03-27

            Bought XO Special in Japan for Y6200 (about US$65).

              khoo KB 2012-03-23

              just bought 8 bottle of 13 year Remy Martin XO, i feel very special

                joe 2012-02-01

                Tesseron better then this XO in taste a poster here says?NO WAY.I have tried Tesseron 53 as well as own a full bottle of Tesseron 29!The smell, complexity, balance and taste of Remy XO blows them both away.it does need about 30 min to breath, allow the alcohol to disperse.(Though Tesseron 53 though is better then 29, which I would have understood before buying the 29)I do find that -Remy Premier Cru- is a SUPERIOR product over the regular Remy Martin XO Excellance. Less woody, sweeter, lighter in color and is simply just that much better, and my COGNAC of choice after buying tons of other brands! This Cognac unlike say remy extra or Louie, needs more time to breath and is not the same in quality but closer then you would imagine!!

                  Ihor 2012-01-17

                  Besides our great mountains and great weather, this excellent cognac can be purchased in Colorado for about $100!

                    Norman 2012-01-08

                    Got a bottle of Remy Martin XO special last year as a gift from a dear friend.Ser# L22465. I opened it and had some. I went to have a snifter this evening and the cork collapsed. Fortunately I own a strainer and could get liquid without the cork particles.Should not happen with a product as expensive as this.There is no access to the firm on this site that I could find. They need to be told and I need to get to question them about a bottle I just got for my son-in-law.Lousy product. Good cognac.

                      Jairo Todd 2011-12-11

                      For 160 euros I wouldn't buy this cognac, you just overpay for the brand.. and it's not necessarily a good XO in my eyes. Better go with a mid sized producer such as Paul Giraud or Tesseron. That's just better value for money.

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                        Rémy Martin XO Excellence

                        Rémy Martin XO Excellence

                        On the nose this cognac reveals a unique bouquet of flowers, a rich structure of vanilla. On the palate: Some dark brioche, orange fruit and dark, mature fruit. The finish is long and consistent.

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