Rémy Martin XO Premier Premier Cru Cognac

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Remy Martin Cognac

Rémy Martin XO Premier Cru is an exclusive XO from the famous Cognac house. The eaux-de-vie of this blend exclusively come from the Grande Champagne area, the first cru of the region. The bottle is exclusively available in Duty Free.

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Grande Champagne
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Tasting Notes

This fine blend stands for strength and elegance. On the nose some jasmine, on the palate wooden and leather - some spices.

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Q&A for Rémy Martin XO Premier Premier Cru

joe 2012-04-29

interestingly to some here: when I did a blind taste test, from the high end remy martin extra which I have always been amazed with, the XO Premire Cru won out.It is lighter in color, and has a better taste!(while not as smooth as the extra, the extra is over the top woody from long years of aging, and simply not as balanced and rounded as the XO Premire Cru)Remy Premire Cru XO when allowed to aerate for about 30-40 min, is the best $$ attainable to many cognacs, from 20 different brands I have purchased over the last few years! Remy Louie VIII is in its own realm, and simply in its own class, bar NONE! Price will be the only limitation to many.

    cognac lover 2012-04-24

    Yes, Yeozer, you are right. The eau-de-vie composition between the 1st cru and the normal XO is quite different. Not only do they use more eau-de-vie (about 350 different ones) to compose the 1st cru XO, they also use a larger proportion of older ones to reach a higher quality. Also, the 1st cru XO matures longer (up to 37 years) in Limousin oak barrels than the normal XO.

      cognac lover 2012-04-24

      Rémy Martin first cru cognacs are made from grapes exclusively from the Grande Champagne (not to be mistaken with the Champagne region where the famous French sparkling wine comes from). The Grande Champagne is categorized the best of the six existing areas around the city of Cognac .The "regular" XO, VSOP, etc. cognacs are a blend of grapes from Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne (Petite Champagne is the second best area). Just in case you are interested, the Rémy Martin XO Excellence (which is the "regular" XO) is a blend of 85% Grande Champagne Grapes and 15% Petite Champagne grapes, the "regular" VSOP consists of 70% Grande Champagne grapes and 30% Petite Champagne grapes. Even the top of the line products, such as Centaure de Diamant or Louis XIII are blends of grapes from the two forementioned areas.

        Yeozer 2012-03-25

        Hi Joe, besides price difference, I am pretty sure that the eaux de vie composition is also different between the 1st cru and normal xo. Cheers!

          joe 2012-03-10

          what's the difference between remy martin first cru brandy and the normal xo?? price?

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            Rémy Martin XO Premier Premier Cru

            Rémy Martin XO Premier Premier Cru

            This fine blend stands for strength and elegance. On the nose some jasmine, on the palate wooden and leather - some spices.

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