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Naulin XO Fine Cognac

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Fine Champagne

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Naulin Cognac

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Eye: Amber with flashes of ruby.

Nose: Gentle balance of floral and fruity notes with whiffs of spices - ginger and cinnamon.

Palate: Starts with a powerful, fruity flavor of vintage port, slowly developing into dark berries and a complex yet refined finish.

Growth area & soil: Fine Champagne

Petite Champagne
Grande Champagne


Naulin XO Fine Cognac: the Taste of Tradition

Aged for a minimum of ten years in the finest Limousin oak barrels, Naulin XO Fine Cognac celebrates the finesse that can only be found in a Fine Champagne blend. Incorporating eaux-de-vie distilled exclusively from Ugni Blanc grapes harvested in the Petite and Grande Champagne terroirs, the Naulin XO Fine Cognac certainly displays all the hallmarks of a high-quality Cognac.

Finding a balance between traditional technique and modern style, this Extra Old Fine Cognac is an excellent representation of why Naulin has become one of the largest family-run vineyards in Cognac. Both generous and uncomplicated, the aromatic profiles found in this expression are thanks to the meticulous work of the Boinaud family, whose precise production methods demonstrate a high level of dedication and integrity in every product they distill, age and blend on-site.

To date, a staggering 24 generations of this family have been involved in Cognac production, with invaluable ancestral expertise being at the heart of the estate's ethos. Founded in 1879, Naulin Cognac tantalize the taste buds with, what they call, "the taste of tradition".

The refined flavors found in the Naulin XO Fine Cognac only serve to reinforce the superior standard of both its Fine Champagne provenance and maturation process. Distinct floral notes of rose, which are typical of Grande Champagne, are paired with deep aromas of warming spices and old port on the palate - flavors that can only be achieved through a masterful maturation process.

How to Enjoy Naulin XO Fine Cognac

Being an XO with notes of vintage port and warming spices, it's immediately clear that the Naulin XO Fine Cognac would make a delightful digestif. Sipped alongside a double espresso or perhaps a rich caramel-based dessert. It should be served at room temperature, preferably in a traditional tulip glass.

Presentation of the Bottle

The modern and unique decanter presents a rounded shape with squared-off shoulders. The straight lines embossed in the glass on the front perfectly frame the liquid, while the smooth curved sides add an elegant element to the design. The decanter shows muted colors of gold and cream on its label and neck, with a dark wooden stopper protecting the XO Fine Cognac stored within. 

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