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James Hennessy Cognac

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Hennessy Cognac
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Eye: Beautiful shades of amber are punctuated by soft highlights of pink and bronze.

Nose: Suggestions of mild tobacco and light wisps of smoke combine subtly with toasty aromas.

Palate: Hints of roasted almonds intermingle and merge with Madagascar vanilla to produce soft and delicately perfumed notes.

Growth area & soil: Blend

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Bons Bois
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James Hennessy Cognac

A very smooth blend, with a soft and subtle touch, this is a wonderfully delicate Cognac. A reference to Richard Hennessy’s son James, it is a special piece released for the house’s 250th anniversary in 2015. An embodiment of all that Hennessy represents, it’s a beautifully balanced selection to savor. Certainly, one that every collector will appreciate.

A house of remarkable history, this celebration of 250 years is a true representation of what Hennessy has to offer. Beautifully balancing tradition with traditional practices, it’s a house that knows what it takes to craft exceptional Cognacs. Renowned for its limited editions and timeless classics, this anniversary edition is another Hennessy staple to add to your collection.

Presentation of the bottle

This design will instantly capture your attention, with its sheer simplicity. A delicate teardrop decanter beautifully holds the softness of the mahogany hue. Silver detailing leaves plenty to the imagination, offering you no choice but to dive in for an inviting taste of brilliance. A true masterpiece that you will want to put on display for others to see.

How to enjoy

The soft notes of the palate are best enjoyed neat. Add a dash of water to tease the toasty aromas to the surface and sip slowly to appreciate the delicate perfume notes.

About Hennessy Cognac

You may think, that with Hennessy’s ability to innovate and push boundaries, they are a thoroughly ‘modern’ Cognac brand. This is a large part of their immense success and influence. The very French brand based in the Charente region, in fact, dates all the way back to 1765 - to Ireland - but have managed to shapeshift enough times to remain more relevant than ever before - with current Master Blender Renaud Fillioux. Their range of uber-trendy products is ever expanding, and their marketing campaigns all the more captivating. There is no doubt that ‘Henny’ culture is alive and kicking: both Cognac and a fifth of Hennessy are mentioned in what seems like hundreds of songs. 

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