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The name Pale & Dry is related to the pale colour, the word "dry" referrs to the sweet character of the Cognac. This Delamain Pale & Dry Très Belle Grande Champagne Cognac was introduced as a product in 1920, and represents 80% of the company's production. The blend consists of selected eaux-de-vie from the Grande Champagne region producers and growers. The blend of Pale & dry consists of reduced 15% ABV "weak" or "vieilles faibles" cognac, that is blended with about 53% ABV stronger cognac. This blend is then again aged in Limousin oak casks to create a final balance.

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Grande Champagne
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With an incredibly old family tradition, Delamain (et Cie) makes for an exciting cognac house with roots dating back to the early 1600s! The family tree couldn't be more complicated, and yet the Delamain brand has managed to survive since its creation in 1762. This is a cognac house that is unapologetic when it comes to quality, selecting only the very best from its suppliers in order to create its own products. With the British aristocracy having influenced the Delamains for generations, this cognac is authentically catered for blue blood!

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Edward Willey III 2013-04-11

Simply put, this is the best value in XO cognacs. It's Grande Champagne. It's a multiple of the minimum 6 years of age for an XO. In the mouth it's fruity, smooth, and complex. I've corresponded with Charles B. himself who is - despite being the head of one of the most respected houses - very concerned with customer satisfaction. Four stars. I'm dying to buy a Reserve de la Famille.

    yeozer 2012-03-23

    This is a nice XO with great flavour and very reasonably priced. It is light yet refreshing and flavourful, I find it to be more fruity and lingers in the mouth for a while. Overall two thumbs up. Cheers!

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      Delamain XO Pale and Dry

      Delamain XO Pale and Dry

      The colour: Quite bright, slightly golden. The nose is intense, a good deal of floral hints and vanilla. The taste is round, and fruity. A solid after taste.

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