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Camus Cognac

The Camus XO Borderies Cognac is a single cru blend of eaux-de-vie from the Borderies terroir of the region.  Powerful on the nose, it evolves into a fruit filled wonder on the palate - rich yet round, with further flavors coming to the fore as the taste sensation continues.  And, it goes without saying, it has a wonderfully satisfying finish.

Currently the only single Borderies growth Cognac for sale around the world, it's naturally been the winner of many an award.  These include the following:

Gold medal at the World Spirit Awards 2009

Gold medal in the XO Ultra Premium category in the 2017 Cognac Masters

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Tasting Notes

Tasting review:

Nose: Floral, sweet, vanilla, almonds, violets, and hazelnuts

Palate: Fruity and mellow, sweet pastry, cinnamon, old port, and dried fruits

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Director Orthopaedic Center of Excellence Good Samiritan Hospital

I love it and need to pair it with after dinner delicacies to soften the slight aftertaste roughness. Others might value this as a desirable “bite”. I am very pleased.

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Q&A for Camus XO Borderies

not the only Borderies!

CHOY Heng Wah 2018-04-20

I am not sure when this note was written, but there is a Martell Single Estate from the Borderies estate of Domaine de Charbonnière, and also now a VSOP and XO Family Reserve edition from Camus themselves.

    Dennis 2012-01-22

    I'm selling CAMUS Cognac here in the Philippines,,yeah i really like the BORDERIES XO....CORDON BLEU is nice also but BORDERIES conquered it.

      Jack 2012-01-03

      I just love Camus' idea of doing a Borderies XO Cognac. The taste is very fine, typical 'rough' for a Borderies blend. It's a great comparable to Martell Cordon Bleu, one should take the time to review those two cognacs at the same time. After all, this XO is less expensive as the Martells, Hennessy and Remy Martin XO cognacs.

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        Camus XO Borderies

        Camus XO Borderies

        Tasting review:

        Nose: Floral, sweet, vanilla, almonds, violets, and hazelnuts

        Palate: Fruity and mellow, sweet pastry, cinnamon, old port, and dried fruits

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