Camus XO Ile de Ré Cliffside Cellar Cognac

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Camus Cognac

Cliffside XO is a rather recent and new cognac in the range, will replace the Ile de Re XO from Camus. The price of Cliffside by Camus is at around 70 to 80 euros.

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Bois Ordinaires
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No tasting notes yet or review on Camus Cliffside.

Pasquet Cognac

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Q&A for Camus XO Ile de Ré Cliffside Cellar

Vincent 2012-10-24

Anyone has miniature (50ml/5cl) for this cognac (cliffside cellar) for sale? If so pls email me Thanks

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    Camus XO Ile de Ré Cliffside Cellar

    Camus XO Ile de Ré Cliffside Cellar

    No tasting notes yet or review on Camus Cliffside.

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