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Bourgoin XO 22 Ans Cognac

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Fins Bois

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Bourgoin Cognac
$ 111
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Tasting review

Eye: Pale gold.

Nose: Bourbon vanilla, salted caramel, pear, candied strawberry.

Palate: Salted butter caramel, strawberry jam, vanilla. Long and spicy finish.


Bourgoin XO 22 Ans Cognac: a New Vision for Cognac

The Bourgoin XO 22 Ans Cognac brings together the past, present and future to introduce a new and innovative product, shaking up the Cognac industry as we know it. Gone are the days of traditional technique and hundreds of years of heritage, this craft producer is choosing to employ current and creative techniques to appeal to the modern drinker.

The 22-year-old eaux-de-vie stored inside the Bourgoin XO were harvested from the long-forgotten ‘Premiers Bois Cru’ in 1998, which existed on the official 1909 appellation map until it was merged into the Fins Bois region in 1936. The 22 years aged Cognac is a respectful homage to yesteryear, a piece of Cognac’s history, all while employing innovative technology and production methods to appeal to contemporary connoisseurs.

These methods include finishing the Cognac in 10 liter micro-barrels as well as the use of "boursinage crocodile". This small scale production technique softens the Cognac's aromas, allowing the flavors to fully express themselves upon the very first sip, boasting a suave and sophisticated blend of bourbon vanilla, caramel, pear and strawberry. The modern methods don't end there however, with today's society becoming more and more conscious of the products they consume, the masters at Bourgoin have ensured there are no artificial colors or preservatives in the Cognac, and the blend is non-chill filtered and double distilled in order to preserve the complex character found in this Fins Bois blend.

The craft producers at Bourgoin are not simply artisans, they are revolutionizing the Cognac market. Rather than holding heritage and history in high esteem by pushing traditional techniques and family-run estates, the brand chooses to modernize, to create the Cognac of the future, with each blend they produce having a specific purpose.

The Bourgoin XO 22 Ans aims to appeal to both Cognac connoisseurs and single malt savants. By creating this round, fruity, easy-to-drink Cognac, they can appeal to spirits aficionados from all walks of life. Monsieur Bourgoin himself describes his Cognacs as "sincere and authentic" with the truth "lying at the bottom of the bottle". The drinking experience provided by a Bourgoin brand Cognac allows the drinker to taste the new vision of Cognac, presented and produced in a modern and innovative way.

Presentation of the Bottle

The Bourgoin Cognac apothecary-inspired bottle is more reminiscent of a whisky or a rum than a Cognac. The 350ml bottle is atypical for the industry, featuring large block writing and minimalist design. A unique craft Cognac that has been gaining momentum in recent years, the brand's basic bottle allows the XO to only express itself once opened and enjoyed.

How to Enjoy

The sweet flavors found in the Bourgoin 22 Ans Cognac would make it an ideal digestif, its easy-to-drink and rounded flavors are the perfect end to a dinner party, and will appeal to whiskey lovers and Cognac connoisseurs alike.

Reviews (2)

Overall rating 0 1 2 3 4 3,50/5
on  28 October 2017
0 1 2 3 4
Aftertaste (Finish):
Value for money:

Woah what a Cognac: Lovely authentic identity but a bit rough

I don't love this Cognac because the nose is a bit weak, the mouth is intense but a but rough.. after taste: let's face it, it's pretty wild, too. But it's for people who love authentic Cognac without additives and sweeteners.. It's a bit expensive because it sort of matches Hennessy XO pricing. Great packaging, great producer identity.. simply a bit rough (for a reason).

on  13 October 2017
0 1 2 3 4
Aftertaste (Finish):
Value for money:

Pretty nice

Smooth aromas that are definitely on the spicy side. This continues on the palate, with woody tones also coming to the fore. The aftertaste is long - remaining spicy. Quite a masculine Cognac. The bottle is pretty cool as well.

About Bourgoin Cognac

Epitomizing the true concept of a micro-artisan cognac house. Bourgoin Cognac is all about a true passion for the land, the vines, the wine and, naturally, the creation of the ultimate product.  This family run estate is located in the village of Tarsac, where this small, close-knit group work tirelessly to bring to market a small but quality range of 'must-taste' cognac delights.

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