Pierre de Segonzac Rhino VSOP Cognac

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Grande Champagne

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Pierre De Segonzac Cognac

Tasting review

Eye: Stunning amber glow.

Nose: Apricot and passion fruit intermingle with vanilla and honey.

Palate: A smooth, woody finish.


A very limited edition VSOP with a secret Rhino EP to match

Innovation in its purest form is the best way to describe the VSOP Rhino Pierre de Segonzac Cognac. A Grande Champagne Cognac aged for 7 years in the humid cellars of Segonzac, it is a Premier Cru Cognac with fruity notes of apricot, passion fruit, vanilla and honey.

With just 100 bottles created, it’s one of a kind - if you buy the Cognac, you also receive a secret EP to listen to. Created in collaboration with contemporary French artist Rhino, the music has been crafted to go perfectly with the Cognac.

The names of the four tracks on the album are Aubum, Cellars, Limestone and Ugni Blanc.

Check out our blog to read our interview with Pablo Ferrand of Pierre de Segonzac Cognac.

The VSOP Rhino was crafted by Pablo’s grandfather, Pierre Ferrand. In fact, it was one of the last distillations he made.

Presentation of the bottle

A modern, tasting decanter with an equally contemporary label, the graphics for the bottle were created by the young Charentais graphic designer, Luc René Loumeau, who is also mad about Cognac.

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About Pierre De Segonzac Cognac

The cognac house was founded by Pierre Ferrand (1930-2013). Pierre came from a traditional family of bouilleur de cru (which means: a Cognac maker who distills only its own harvest) who settled in Segonzac, in the heart of the Grande Champagne growth area of Cognac (Cognac's 1st Cru) ever since 1702. Pierre, his children and grandchildren have spent more than 25 years to rebuild the family business and a new brand - which after all sells the same product as before. Today, the family sells its exceptional Cognacs under the brand of Pierre de Segonzac. The portrait of Pierre is the company's logo. Today, Pierre's grand son Pablo Ferrand runs the family estate vineyards in La Nérolle, Segonzac. The family still distills its wine, ages its eau-de-vie with the same care and tradition like in the old days. Christian, Pablo's father is in charge of customer service and distribution - all over the world. Pierre would have surely been very proud to see the revival of Pierre's brand: Pierre de Segonzac.

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