Martell VSOP Medaillon Old Fine Champagne Cognac

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Martell Cognac

Martell VSOP Medaillon can be considered as a classic. The cognac is presented in a 70 cl bottle, 40% ABV. The eaux-de-vie come from different growth area, including Grande Champagne and Borderies.

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The cognac reveals some wood notes, a hint of sweetness. Some fresh notes, fruity and a slight rancio note. On the palate: Quite round, complex and dry fruit. A solid length for what it is.

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A fair tasting cognac that is ok to the taste, but, in my opinion, needs more nose, a little more fruit, a little more complexity. Maybe Cognac is not supposed to be like that, but, in my estimation, it should be. I haven't tried a great deal of cognacs, but for the price and prestige of this thing, it should be fairly overwhelming, and this is not. I will keep tasting until I find something that is, and then I'll report on it, but this Marteell VSOP, as a drink, is only okay. There are many other alcoholic beverages that have a deeper flavor, are more complex,, and have a richer bouquet than this has, It's certainly not bad, but as a drink, it's just ok.

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Q&A for Martell VSOP Medaillon Old Fine Champagne

Edward Willey III 2013-04-11

I recently tasted a mid to late 80s VSOP Medallion. It was really quite fine, especially considering the price. I'm not sure about value, but can easily recommend this as a delicious cognac.

    Max ( 2013-01-17

    Dear Doris A. Martell DeChane, thanks for your message. Your bottle is first of all a rather old bottle. It's critical to know that Cognac does not not age in bottles, and sometimes wrong storing can even have a negative impact on older cognac bottles. In any case your bottle has value - it is one of the younger cognacs of the house of Martell, still not the youngest, as it's superior to a VS or three star, in the most cases. If you would like to learn more about your bottle, please submit your bottle images at SUBMIT BOTTLE or go to BLOG > YOUR BOTTLE, which is an exchange and marketplace section for collectors of cognac. In any case I recommend you should drink it, rather than selling.

      Doris 2013-01-15

      Almost 50 years ago, about 3 months after I married, I purchased a bottle of Martell VSOP Medallion Fine Old Champagne. The reason was to enjoy at my 50th anniversary this 7/6. My maiden name is Martell. Can you tell me anything about it. Thank you, Doris A. Martell DeChane

        sunnylee 2012-10-08

        Hi, my mum hv kept 2 boxes of (12bottles per box) = 24 bottles of Martell VSOP Medaillon Old Fine Cognac. i believed is almost 25yrs kept inside the original box. Can anyone let me know how much will it cost now and all this is malaysia duty free products.many thanks

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        Eugene 2012-08-20

        Martell VSOP Medaillon Old Fine Champagne... The eaux-de-vie come from different growth area, including Grande Champagne and Borderies.... As far as I know, if talking about spirits, Fine Champagne = Grand Champagne + Petit Champagne. No Borderies, isn't it?

          Diane 2012-08-15

          Hello, I have recently acquired a boxed Martell VSOP Medaillon bottle and 3 small glasses, un-opened, believed to be from around the 1980's although there is no date on the outside of the set. I would love to know if this is likely to have any value.Many Thanks.

            eduardo 2012-06-16

            hi i have two old bottles about (1970s or 1980 s) of martell cordon bleu and one o martell V.S.O.P. medaillon cognac golden label i wil like to know how much does this bottles cost?

              yeozer 2012-05-21

              This is mainly my everyday VSOP besides Henny Privilege and it is indeed an excellent after-dinner enjoyment. Best VSOP deal (quality vs price) in town that is the Best Bang For Your Buck ;-)

                yeozer 2012-03-24

                Hello Eduardo, if the two bottles you have is the same as the picture on this page, the prices I know at retail stores are about USD 45.00 and up, depending on which store you visit. Hope this information helps. Cheers!

                  EDUARDO LENES 2012-03-19

                  I have two bottles of MARTELL MEDALLON VSOP COGNAC MP. I would like to sell and do not know how much these bottles are worth. Can somebody help me? thanks.

                    Mr miller 2011-12-24

                    I think that this cognac is quite fine its a complement to the palate a bit fruity smoothe with a complementry hint of sweetness worth a try

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                      Martell VSOP Medaillon Old Fine Champagne

                      Martell VSOP Medaillon Old Fine Champagne

                      The cognac reveals some wood notes, a hint of sweetness. Some fresh notes, fruity and a slight rancio note. On the palate: Quite round, complex and dry fruit. A solid length for what it is.

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