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Martell Blue Swift VSOP Cognac

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Martell Cognac
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Eye: An elegant copper with flecks of gold.

Nose: Rich, gourmet notes of caramelized pears and bananas. A subtle sweetness, with notes of vanilla, coconut and spices and menthol.

Palate: Soft, round and rich. Deep, fresh notes of ginger and white candied fruit such as plums. The finish is long and smooth, thanks to the toasted oak finish of the Kentucky Bourbon barrels.

Growth area & soil: Blend

Bois Ordinaires
Bons Bois
Fins Bois
Petite Champagne
Grande Champagne


Martell Blue Swift Cognac: a VSOP Expression Finished in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels

Redefining one of their most classic editions once again with the Martell Blue Swift VSOP Cognac, this is the first drink made from the iconic Martell VSOP Cognac, finished in Kentucky Bourbon barrels.

The latest limited edition is a nod to the maison's history as the first to ship its Cognac to the United States in 1783 - an embodiment of their status as a truly international brand. Martell Blue Swift, therefore, represents a stunning union of French savoir-faire and American ingenuity. Martell is the oldest of the Big Four Cognac houses, and so their Blue Swift logo has come to represent everything about their history.

The famous Martell VSOP Cognac is crafted with grapes grown in the four finest terroirs of the region: the elite Borderies, the Grande and Petite Champagne and the Fins Bois.

Martell Blue Swift has been aged for at least four years in French red oak, and then transferred to bourbon casks to give it an aromatic and exotic profile of banana, vanilla, coconut and menthol, with a final finish of toasted oak. This unique flavor profile demonstrates the house of Martell’s ability to innovate beyond the borders of the Cognac denomination.

Presentation of the decanter

A classic Martell decanter of 700ml, the colors of the liquid and label are in keeping with the French tricolor flag - red, white and blue. The blue swift bird is etched into the side of the glass, giving it an iconic embossed effect.

Martell Blue Swift VSOP Serving Suggestions

The Martell Blue Swift VSOP is a sure contender for a Sazerac cocktail, a drink with truly American origins. Created in New Orleans, it is one of the USA’s oldest cocktail recipes:

  • 60ml Martell Blue Swift
  • 5ml Sugar syrup
  • 3 dashes Peychaud’s bitters
  • 10ml Absinthe

Fill a rocks glass with ice, add the Absinthe and top with water. Leave to chill. Stir the other ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Throw away the ice and Absinthe from the rocks glass and strain the cocktail into it; garnish with a thin zest of lemon peel. 

The Blue Swift VSOP Cognac also goes brilliantly in a mint julep cocktail. Alternatively, you can also enjoy this Cognac neat and over ice.

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